Topaz Studio 2 crashing when running Mac Catalina

Be Warned! I just upgraded my Mac laptop and iMac to o/s Catalina today. I have tested a variety of images (tiff, jpg - and what has happened to raw!?) with a variety of workflows (typically AI Denoise then AI Adjust applied then to AI Remix and scroll through; alternatively other ‘Looks’ , etc., etc). On each occasion TS2 crashes on both machines.

I have repeated the same workflows on my main Mac (not yet on Catalina) and it doesn’t crash. I have tried other software on all machines without such an experience.

Anyone else getting problems?

I’ve been on Catalina for a week or so, no problems I’m aware of yet.

Ok, thanks Mond - useful to know. Oddly, I can run TS1 (etc) on Catalina without any problem being encountered, just TS2 that’s having problems. I’ve sent in a support ticket asking if re-installation of TS2 might be the answer (not that I’ve ever had t6o do that with any Topaz product before).

Good News - fo anyone reading this topic… I decided not to wait for Tech Support and try a re-install on my laptop (the Topaz approach to this was very helpful, by the way); it resolved the problem - great!