Topaz Studio 2 as a plugin for PS 2020 (21.0.0 release)?

Topaz Studio 2.1.1 appears to be broken as a plugin for the newest version of Photoshop (21.0.0). I have tried reloading Studio with the newest version and have restarted my computer (MacOS Mojave) and every time I try to launch Topaz Studio 2 as a plugin filter it crashes.

Any fixes in the immediate future? I have no use whatever for this as a standalone app in my workflow vs. as a filter from PS.

Make sure you run it first as a standalone. If that doesn’t work follow the instructions in this article:

This still fails. Photoshop menus do not follow the steps you show in this July 22, 2019 Help Center Link.

There is no Plug-ins>Additional Plug-ins menu item anymore. I have menu items for Filters>Topaz Studio>Studio 2 and Studio 2 does start to load and then it crashes.

Please raise a support request at the Main Website.

Will do.

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Have you tried going to the desktop Icon for TS2 after loading the photo from Ps or Lr.
The image should be there to edit. When finished the editing just save and it should return back to where you initiated the edit from…

I can edit the file in Studio 2 from Lightroom but I have no use for filling up my file system with endless junk .tiff files scattered around my computer. Studio 2 does bring me back to Lightroom but now I am editing a .tiff file and adding junk to my Lightroom catalogue.

I prefer to use Studio 2 directly from Photoshop as a filter in it’s own layer as it has worked up until the PS 2020 update. I have opened a support ticket for this.

I would like to add an update to this situation - upgrading my MacOS to Catalina fixes the problem. This issue is specific to MacOS Mojave with PS 2020 (21.0.0) and Topaz Studio 2 (2.1.1).

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