Topaz Studio 2 and Microsoft Surface

I had heard that my new Microsoft surface (Pro 6, 16 GB RAM Intel core i7) might be too under-powered to run Topaz products.

I have installed Topaz Studio 2 on it and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually ran fairly well.

I even installed Topaz Studio 2 as a plugin for Affinity Photo and again found that it worked fairly well as a plugin. (please note that several other plugins were listed as plugins in the affinity photo plugin menu - clarity, detail, glow, simplify, impression and texture effects. They all caused nasty crashes when called from Affinity Photo. Topaz Studio 2 is the only program from Topaz I have installed on my surface).

Happy to see something working better than expected!

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Toying with the idea of getting a Surface…glad to hear it is working well.


It works pretty well on my surface pro. Not as good as my more powerful machines, but like you I am pleasantly surprised as well.

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Like both you and @KenKv I was surprised to find that Studio 2 works on my Sufrace Pro 4 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM) as well as a plugin to Affinity Photo. BTW, although I could not install the original Topaz Impression plug-in, the rest of the original plug-ins work in Affinity Photo. (I could never get Studio 1 to work reliably on the Surface Pro.)

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I have been playing with the Microsoft pen and the surface and Topaz Studio.

It does work nicely as a brush when painting a mask, but does not always work as well as a mouse when moving sliders.

Hi @KenKv

I’m an owner of Surface pro 7 and try to run denose ai and studio 2 but the application not works.
These application close imediatly after trying to open an image file.

So I’m wondering, Did you runing topaz studio 2 on surface pro 6 without any problem ?

Did you have some specil config on your Surface ?
If you did, Could you please let me know these detail ?

Best regards,

Hi @wanlopn2002-747458, welcome to the forum.

I have been using Topaz with my main computer but have not tried it with my surface for a long time, so I can not say if the most recent versions of the Topaz products work. I do not have any special config on my surface.

Thanks for your information.
I’m still finding the solution :slight_smile:

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Hi @KenKv,

Finally today I able to run Denoise AI on Surface Pro 7 after I disable built-in color profile (Surface Enchanced) and use a new profile which I calibrated by Spyder Pro 5 Instead.

Surface Pro 7 performance on Denoise AI is very impressive.

For anyone with Surface Pro 7 they should disable the surface color profile (enhanced).
Especially if you have legacy Topaz products.
Just create your own profile and the plugins wont crash.

Funny thing on Surface go it work without any tweaks.