Topaz Studio 2 (2.3.0) Won't install to second limited account(solved)

I use a second limited account on my Windows 10 desktop for security reasons. Today I updated from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0 on my second account. Re booted my PC. The 2.3.0 was installed on the admin account and not on my second account. 2nd account still had 2.2.0. I deleted the 2.2.0 on my second account and downloaded 2.3.0. On install, it said I need to login as admin to install, but won’t give me a box to input my admin password (I was already logged into my admin account. I wish topaz could get the updates straightened out so we don’t have problems updating and installing. Now I don’t have topaz Studio on my second user account. All these problems over the years and now with the pay version of programs really makes any not want to use your products.
Any help would be appreciated.

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I set my second account to admin and installed Studio 2. I reset my second account back to standard user. Rebooted PC. Now each time I start Studio 2 on my second account, it asks me for my admin password.
Please straighten this out.

Please raise a support request at the main website.

I finally solved it. I set Studio 2 2.3.0 to run as admin on my second account, rebooted, program still needed admin code. I set Studio 2 2.3.0 to not run as admin, rebooted, now it runs normal without asking for admin password on my second account. I wonder why I had to set to admin only, then non admin to get it straightened out.
In the future, please test updates on a second account. If someone that is not computer savvy was doing this, they might not ever want to use your products again.