Topaz Studio 1 - Login Expired?

All of a sudden Topaz Studio (1) has started putting up a “Login information has expired” notice.
Log in expired

When I click on OK, it brings up a login dialog. I log in using my normal Topaz Account username and password. The dialog disappears, and then the “Login Information has expired” message appears again.

I can’t remember seeing this before.

I purchased about 11 of the individual adjustments for Studio. Those were lifetime purchases, and are still shown as purchases on my Topaz Account.

The username and password I used in the Studio login dialog above, is the same one that I use to log into my account from the Topaz web site, and it works OK from there, so this appears to be some sort of activation server issue.

Does anyone know what this is all about?.

Edit: I have now emailed Support re this.


I too noticed this yesterday. I think you have to sign in in order to get updated and since there are no updates and topaz is no longer supporting studio 1, this is happening. I pressed cancel and studio 1 seems to be working

I suspect that on some sort of time interval, when one opened Studio 1, it was checking with a server for possible updates to Adjustments, and that quite recently that server is no longer accepting logins from the program.

If that is the case, and If that is the result of a malfunction, then Topaz should be able to fix it.
If it is a deliberate action to no longer maintain that sever, then Topaz should provide a patch to those who spent lots of money on adjustments, so that the message doesn’t keep reappearing.


I am having this issue as well. Has anyone found a solution yet? Thanks.

No, the problem still exists.

I also have this issue. Looking for guidance. Thank you.