Topaz Studio 1.14.5

I’m moving to a new pc and have both Topaz Studio 1.14.5 and Topaz Studio 2 on my current pc.

I was just playing with Topaz Studio 1.14.5 from Photoshop and realized I want to keep and continue to use it on occasion.

Is it still possible to download Topaz Studio 1.14.5? I’d really like to keep it!

Thanks - Richard

It sounds like you don’t want to update to the latest version of Studio 2. Is that correct? Just your last version of Studio 1. This is where only Studio 2 would be:

B/c you said “PC” that means you’re on a Win computer and not a Mac. Right?

Don’t you have the installer on your old PC to copy it over to the new PC?

Have you tried this: