TOPAZ software is not working for me

Fes up. You guys created rubbish.

Fix it now.


I don’t think you are in the majority but with details of the product, the issues you are facing and your computing environment (Copy the details under the Help menu, Graphics info.) we may be able to help you.

Just provide the information asked for and we can see if we can offer a solution.

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Gigapixel jams on ‘downloading modules’ at 2% and won’t respond to anything. The only option is a forced shutdown of my MBP. Earlier versions worked fine. 2019 16” MacBook Pro running Catalina - which is up to date

Why do you release stuff that doesn’t work?

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When you say jams on downloading models at 2% it is just a problem with the counter and it should complete between 20 seconds and 2 minutes depending on the internet connection. I take it you are running v5.5.1.

Usually support will reply within 48, hours, except on weekends and public holidays. Have your raised a support request at the main website?

And, also, this is a user to user forum so make sure you tone your language down. I have deleted your other thread as we have nothing to do with the operations of Topaz so you cannot get a refund here.