Topaz Simplify & PhotoShop

Topaz shows up as an editor within PhotoShop. I select it and select Simplify. I apply an effect from Topaz Simplify (still within PhotoShop) and Simplify has to work very hard to apply the effect. It takes a while and after the progress bar hits 100% it does some quick Re-Progress movement. I go back to PhotoShop the effect is not there. Where did it go? So, I assume I have to shut everything down and start over manually carrying the image directly into Topaz Simplify removing PhotoShop from the journey. I want to leave PhotoShop and get a message that my image is still open in another editor. What do I want to do? So I shut down everything. There is a bug in the ointment methinks. Barb

Here’s the message I get from PhotoShop when trying to do anything to the photo that does NOT show the changes I made in Topaz Simplify

Photo In Use
You opened this photo with another application. If you edit the item in Photos before you are done in the other application, you will lose any unsaved adjustments made in the other application. Are you done editing in the other application?

When you say Topaz, what application are you talking about?

If you use Simplify the only way to see the result clearly is at 100% viewing.

I don’t believe Photos is a supported host for any Topaz products as yet, but some stand alone aoplications may be able to be used as external editors.

Please raise a technical support request at the link in the header above.

This sounds like your other thread. Can you prove specific examples of what you’re describing here? Please provide screenshots if possible.