Topaz shuts down without warning

I limit multiple-image processing to no more than 10 images at a time and usually limit it to five. Regardless, the program frequently shuts down on its own and then I have to start the process all over again.

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Are you using a Mac or Windows machine? If you can upload your system profile, I can make sure the hardware is up to date: System Requirements | Topaz Photo AI

I am using Windows. Attached is my system profile.

Thanks for your assistance.


Do you see a button that says Save All Information? Please click that and upload the entire file here, it’ll show me more info about the computer than what’s in the screenshot.

DXDiag file is attached

DxDiag.txt (95.7 KB)

I am using a MacBook Pro fully up to date and have the same problem

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It looks like the graphics card drivers haven’t been updated since 2021. Please use this link to update them:

That sounds like a different issue from Windows. Please upload the log files so I can see what’s going on in the application. To do that, open Topaz Photo AI and go to the Help > Open Log Folder menu option and drag and drop all the files to a reply here.

Filter Plugin Log.txt (3.75 KB)

2023-09-15-10-55-29.tzlog (194 KB)

2023-09-24-14-56-26-1.tzlog (4.35 KB)

2023-09-15-10-45-42.tzlog (429 KB)

2023-09-24-16-07-6.tzlog (17.8 KB)

2023-09-15-12-01-50.tzlog (121 KB)

2023-09-24-14-56-26.tzlog (8.43 MB)

2023-09-27-07-18-35.tzlog (15.8 KB)

2023-09-15-09-09-18.tzlog (17.5 KB)

2023-09-21-18-10-13.tzlog (2.48 MB)

2023-09-24-22-59-48.tzlog (18.3 KB)

2023-09-24-22-58-18.tzlog (17.6 KB)

It doesn’t look like it’s crashing based on these particular logs. Does it happen with all image types?


I take NEF (Nikon Z8) files directly into Topaz AI. It tends to occur when I load multiple files eg last time it happened there were about 50 files from a social event where they were all very high ISO and taken at varying distances so needed cropping which I was doing. I then walk away for an hour or so while it saves them for any further processing in LR


Just happened again. Flash of a red screen then “Failed to process image’

Latest log file attached.


2023-09-28-15-17-2.tzlog (4.35 KB)

2023-09-28-15-17-2-1.tzlog (2.12 MB)

2023-09-28-15-34-25.tzlog (15.8 KB)

Do you have a monitor with a custom color profile? Can you upload the original image file so I can test it out?

The monitor is the MacBook Pro Screen. I use ColorMunki once a month to correct the colours. It can happen to any NEF file, usually if I am batch processing, it has only done it once with a single image and I don’t recall which one that was. The only modification to the NEF file its automatically adding the lens profile when importing to LR