Topaz Sharpen not installing as plug in in Lightroom classic

Windows 11 pro- 64gb DDR 5 RAM- 10 GB video card- user
when opening Topaz installers- only photoshop is listed as a location for the plug-in
Lightroom not listed.
When going to -plugin-extras- cannot find or detect the .exe file for topaz, only folders
When going to preferences-external editor, I CAN find .exe file
plug-in manager inside of LR cannot detect any Topaz plugin files that are executable
This is the latest Win11 pro update, the most up-to date LR classic version
and the most recent Topaz Sharpen AI file-
I use Sharpen/Denoise equally, but neither can be found using the methods described above, nor will they install on their own.

Edited to add, never had this problem before hoping someone can assist

Can’t even export to Topaz - not sure where the bug is, adobe or Topaz, but could we address that?

Make sure you raise a support request at the main website.