Topaz sharpen AI remove metadata

I used TIF export from lightroom, with metadata and sharpen it in Topaz sharpen AI.
After save I must import the new sharpen TIF in lightroom back, but all metadata is gone. Only under software is an entry left.
This is very anoing, please fix it.


I can second what @in_04-43582 is saying about the metadata.

Here are two screenshots, First one is before Sharpen AI does it’s magic

Second one is after with the returned file to Lightroom

Note that the Capture Date and Time have also been changed


Count me in as really frustrated with this “feature” of Sharpen AI. I haven’t used Studio enough to know if other plug-ins are doing it also, but please fix this ASAP.

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Add my vote for this. Love what the product can do but really would like to see my metadata preserved.

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Used Sharpen AI for the first time today. Wish I had known about this problem of metadata loss beforehand. Really liked the results of the sharpening, but lost several hours of work with loss of most metadata in original file. Especially aggravated by changing/loss of the original capture time and date. Metadata retention is vital for storage in DAM software. Need a fix for this ASAP.

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I thought this problem was fixed shortly after it was brought up here. I had checked back then and found exif was retained by Sharpen AI. But now I’m looking at me latest photos and after using Sharpen AI the exif is lost. Please fix ASAP - should be a trivial thing to correct.

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