Topaz products using little GPU RAM

The topaz products that seem to use the most resources use very little GPU RAM. I bought a new computer with an I7 processor and 32 GIGs of RAM. I bought a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 (4 GIGS RAM) to run the Topaz programs after the 2 GIG board I had was running very slow. Now, even after changing all the settings I can find- the programs only use 1 GIG of the graphics card RAM. The processing speed is acceptable but it’s a little disappointing that graphics RAM that we bought is not being utilized. The system RAM is not usually being used and the CPU runs at 30%.

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What application are you talking about?

And, if it is one of the AI programs, what are the settings you are using? including Advanced.

Which settings are you referring to? Does that include these?



For me, as AMD Radeon user, only Gigapixel for video beta not utilizing gpu. It would be very cool to improve support for amd in newer versions of Gigapixel for video.

With reference to @JimmyD 's post, I’ve just run some tests on my system to see how they compare…

The test file was a 114MB 16 bit TIFF (5472x3648 pixels) and I have a GTX1070Ti GPU with 8GB ram and GPU memory allocation set to ‘High’ in the preferences.

DenoiseAI used 2.5GB and 85-90% of the GPU’s CPU.
SharpenAI used pretty much the same.


I uses a 16 MB RAW file which is smaller than yours and I have a Radeon RX580 card with 4GB. Denoise used 2.2GB of dedicated video ram in my test.

Yes, I’ve set the memory consumption to high, The programs that seem to take the most processing power are AI Sharpen, Gigapixel and AI Denoise. They are all using the same amount of graphics RAM (1.2 GIGs) and 98% to 100% of the GPU. Last time I ran Denoise about 5 GIGs of the main computer RAM was being used.

I am not sure what the point here is as the programs will use as much as is necessary for the processing they are doing, this is also controlled by the compute units on the GPU. And if you only have one GPU driving the display and the processing there will be less used as other apps are open.

Thanks much for looking into this. I was just expecting the programs to use more of the available resources and wondering if there were other settings that may speed up the processing time.