Topaz products highjacking my default file preference to open RAW files

After installing Gigapixel, my open file preference for RAW files changed to Gigapixel. I did the steps to change my preference and it didn’t work after a reboot. My workflow is to double click a raw file and it opens in my preferred program. Now it will not “Stick” If I reboot, it goes back to Gigapixel no matter what I do. This obviously is a script or setting that forces my computer to use Gigapixel as a default to open my RAW files.

The first screen shot shows what it looks like after changing the default using the right click option to do so. It lists it up top and does work as the default to open my RAW files, however the default still shows Gigapixel as the default. The second screen shot is how it changes back after a reboot.

Using the latest versions of both Denoise and Gigapixel (Gigapixel was just installed on Feb 28th)
MAC mini M1 with MacOs Sonoma 14.3.1 (Latest version)

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