Topaz Product Line & GPU Requirements

Hi All,

I used to use Topaz products a lot during the initial stages (Even Have a copy Photo FX Lab). But with recent updates I see more and more GPU requirements being a must.

I also see need for higher Open GL based requirements? (Correct me if I am wrong please).

So my question to all: Is it now a mandatory requirement to have a GPU based system to run Topaz product line?

I have an old 2011 Mac Mini but is fast enough with SSD and sufficiently fast RAM.
But I see the above two cases restricting my Topaz Usage. Is my predicament correct? Or am I missing something?

Because frankly I have not felt the need for a GPU till date for photo editing. Hence my question to the forum.


Each individual product has their Technical requirements noted on the Topaz Labs website. There are both minimum and recommended requirements there.

You are best looking at the requirements there for the products you are looking at.

Hi, I do understand the point about the availability of info.

But my question was generic in nature with regard to need for GPU and their usage in photo processing.

FWIW, I did a trial of Denoise AI using my old GTX 750 Ti. While the rendering speed was slow, it was faster than DxO Prime

Every PC has a GPU, Topaz Products (AI) rely on the GPU for processing. Some of the lastest products also can use the lastest generation CPUs for processing utilising Intel OpenVINO which means that they can speed up processing on PCs with integrated GPUs without the recommended dedicated RAM.

So you will need to test each product on your system.

Thanks for notes. I will need to work plans for upgrades of my compute! Probably look a portable systems like the new Mini with an external GPU.