Topaz please add this Enhance! AI Super Resolution to your products

Topaz please add this Enhance! AI Super Resolution to your products


Paper Description

As it’s only at the paper stage and has the same issues of inconsistency as other diffusion-based SISR I doub’t it will be viable tool for at least 2 years.

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I’ve tested it and while the VRAM requirements are insane, the results (if the right settings are used) are much better than anything else out there - but yeah, it aint ready

Thanks, My best Nvidia is a RTX 3080 ti with 12GB VRAM. Can it use that or needs more VRAM?

Yes it can be run with as low as 8GB using ComfyUI workflows.

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That looks viable for photos, but not videos. Interesting either way.

I did a 2min video but there is no frame consistency each frame hallucinates differently so gives a very weird flickery effect so unsuitable for videos apart from being slow to render frames. Also works best on 24GB of VRAM so not many can use it.

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As you said, its a random generator.

How should it know how a single pixel looks 6 times finer.

Thats impossible.

Most realistic upscale for now is 2x, everything above is random estimated.

Also if there is text in the image it may turn it in to gibberish or change some letters

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Thanks for trying it out for us.

For video frames with Supir note I forgot to turn off random seeds which made the frame inconsistency worse than it could be but some fixed seeds are worse than others at hallucinating content in the frames and it will screw up text in images. Also supir is for non commercial use.