Topaz Photo AI vs Topaz Sharpen Motion Blur

For my images I am finding that Photo AI is not giving me the same sharpening as the Sharpen AI on moving objects such as birds wings or animals legs. I dont see anywhere where I can indicate movement is happening to get a better result. Typically I use a 2 phase approach. 1st I let the plugin do its aown sharpening, then the 2nd phase I process the image a 2nd time with the plugin using masking on the badly moving area. So far the results from Photo AI are good but not as good as I can get from Sharpen AI - any suggestions

You might want to try TPAI v 1.3.1, which has the option of restoring the “legacy” models, ie separate sliders for motion and lens blur. It was released earlier today. However, I too have often found SAI does a better job. It’s a question of trial and error and some users have reported more artefacts in these older versions.


We’re actually quite interested in images where Sharpen AI does a better job than Photo AI. If you attach original images where this happens and let us know what settings you’ve used in both SAI and TPAI, we’d love to take a look.

Great input - thanks

Thanks for your interest. I will try to put a package together soon

Perhaps you can let me know how to send images/files to you