Topaz Photo AI v3.0.0

Another exciting Topaz release day, thanks! Let’s try it out. And BTW, I am going to point out a bunch of “stuff”, but the fact that I am taking all of this time to do so (yet again) shows my dedication and investment into what you are doing :wink:

andymagee-52287 mentioned the icon:

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.06.48 PM

I think it’s very clever and slick. The juxtaposition of the pixel and camera (?) is close to the design of Gigapixel (a pixel and an enlarged pixel-?). It’s definite improvement upon the “underpants” icon from before :wink:

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.10.08 PM

Note: The PAI 3 icon in my Mac Dock (Ventura) didn’t update after the in-app update until I launched PAI, maybe that’s normal:

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.06.56 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.26.31 PM

I’m still offput by the version designation number by the GP and PAI app names; it looks like I have 3 messages from Topaz:

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.07.55 PM

Anyway, let’s fire it up!

I drag an image from my Finder into the GUI (after first testing Load image, which is not just the button, but the entire interface is a “button”, as before).

The first thing I notice: The New Features presentation (which was not there a moment ago) now overlays my image:

I would have expected to see this information immediately upon first launch, not at this point where it is blocking my work.

Upscaling, which is “always processed last”, is the first thing to happen on its own, ha!

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.18.36 PM

Notice also that the Upscale options are by default collapsed and hidden to the user – I would prefer they are presented open and ready for adjustment. So right here is my first “extra click”, assuming I wish to keep the autopilot-offered Upscale option at this point. It would be THREE more clicks if I wanted to remove it and choose another Enhancement…

No matter which direction I choose to go (keep Upscale or close it and try something else), part of my image is covered by the intrusive panel and I see the tons of wasted space, STILL!!! The open panel cannot be dragged into the wasted space (we used to be able to do that), only moved to block some different area of the image:

Balance Color always (in my experience) makes the image look worse, how about a basic generic Levels dialog instead? (Today I am using one of my AI renders as a test image.)

Good thing I also have Photoshop on hand! :wink:

Back to PAI:

Adjust Lighting is more useful but still not as much as Levels. I maxed it out here and got a good result, but have very little control overall (no shadows/highlights, etc.):

Now I will Upscale, where PAI and GP always shine:

The autopilot result:

And WHERE IS THE QUICK SELECT PANEL FOR THE MODELS? You mention “a standardized Topaz UI across all of our applications”, but PAI does not match the new GP layout in this respect! This was your perfect opportunity to get this fixed since we’ve been going on about this for some time now and you just put out the rebranded versions. Now you will need to rebrand again sometime soon…

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.54.58 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.40.27 PM

I think I like PAI’s High Fidelity v1 better than what Autopilot chose but I have to peck around in the pulldown list to compare, because there is no Compare and of course no Models panel-! Not efficient.

And speaking of comparing, let’s see what GP does with this same image:

“High Fidelity” (mystery version) in GP is not exactly the same and the sliders offered do not have the same names in both apps, were I to try and manually match them with each other.

I noticed again the lack of a 6X preset button in PAI (why “MAX” instead of 6X?).

The next step scares me but I will try to do some Remove

I still think the button should say “Process selection”, because “Remove” means what? Leave a blank hole? Take the object away and use the background to fill? Replace it with another random object? As I write I don’t really know what will happen here!

Here’s what I got:

Not bad at all! At least a car or monster didn’t appear :wink:

Note that if I wanted to try again I’d have to redraw the selection because Undo = Clear Selection, when they are actually 2 different processes (I mentioned this in beta testing…). There is also no Redo.

Another try (because the selection wasn’t so hard to draw) gave a consistent result with the first, which can be good or bad - depending on whether you liked the first result or not and wanted an option. We are spoiled by PS’s multiple Generative Fill options using a single selection.

Anyway, there is my report for the release! I should have just written a blog post:wink: I will get to that ASAP!


PS: Your Photo AI web page still shows v2 and seems in the middle of an update…

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I confirm too
batch same 5 photos, upscale 2x (from 24 to 48 Mpxl)
photoai 2.3.2 85"
photoai 2.4.2 120"
photoai 3.0 120"

how to delete a preset?

Will the new Gigapixel AI 7.1.0 models be put in Photo AI too?


Right-click on the saved preset. It’s an invisible secret handshake like Apple does :wink:

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 12.06.51 AM

You’ll have to upgrade

The new icons are indeed simple, but their meaning , and relationship to Topaz Labs’ products, was not obvious to me.

Here’s how they’ve evolved over time.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 055155

The colorful gem shaped large letters still make the most sense to me.


Could you please supply the full edition of install package? It’s difficult to download components during installing process.

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Furchtbar ! auf das Update kann ich verzichten.
Wozu das zweite Paneel zusätzlich im Bild ? oder zusätzlich am Rand ?
Rechts unten ist genug Platz dafür !
Vorher konnte das zweite Paneel unten rechts angedockt werden und war o.k.
Das Bild steht im Vordergrund !
ich möchte freie Sicht auf das Bild haben ! ohne Irgendetwas durch die Gegend zu schieben.

  • bitte wieder zu vorher ändern - rechts unten andocken !

Hi. For those who want it (who don’t like the new PAI icon logo), I redid an icon from the old one. Both for Windows and for MacOS
PAI icône (961,4 Ko)


Like saikabot said, you will need to upgrade app versions to use new models

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After the new update to 3.0.0 exporting is slow. After working on 20 Images and then exporting them, the software is very slow. Nobody can work with that speed!


FEATURE SUGGESTION: This drop down menu should be accessible via a “…” icon on each preset

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Poor performance of High Fidelity V2 and Standard V2:

Original image (NEF):

High Fidelity V2 - see the edge of the wing:

High Fidelity V1 (better edge):

Standard V2 - same problem:

Standard V1:


I would prefer the color purple for the icon. Blue is Adobe Photoshop. And please keep the color gradient. Its too mus “less is more”!

there is still the issue with the ‘ghost’ faces when applying face recovery to a cropped image:


The app still has the memory leak issue. Why bother adding new features if the “core” program is not usable. Tried to run 2 different batchs. one crashed after 64 images. Then tried intalling the non official v3.01 and it crashed after 63 images. Why is it that Topaz does not reply to any of the memory leak comments. It’s pretty much seems like they do not care. It’s a shame that it might be time to start looking for other options.
On a side note, I have seen a few replies complaining about the new icon. This is what you people worry about when we have been given “Alpha” level software


Greetings Topaz team, thank you for the great update, I really like the direction you have started going in.
I would like to draw your attention to a few things about the workflow.

  1. A lot of people wrote about it, you need to solve something with batch processing, the program crashes after processing large packets of images.
  2. My main work in Topaz Photo AI is to process images from noise, I am fond of night shooting, and also there are often images at very fast shutter speeds, which requires high ISO. Now, the noise reduction models of Topaz do not show the best results, the latest DxO 4 (I am also a user of other products) shows much better results in this area, in addition it does not distort colors. Also the noise reduction model is built into Lightroom and it shows a level either comparable to the Topaz model DeNoise or a little worse, but it does not distort the colors of the image, which makes the noise reduction in Lightroom more advantageous.
    As for DxO, they mention the DeNoise of the Topaz program right on their product website and unfortunately, the result is true. I would really like to have all the RAW tools I need in one program. But now I have to use several, remove noise in DxO and work with everything else in Topaz.

Below is from v2.4.1

I use DxO DPXD2 too but for high iso i would prefer TPAI.

But everything is written below.

Images in Camera RAW only adjusted for exposure.

I am currently not satisfied with TPAI in the professional area when it comes to weddings (RAW denoise), simply because it is not yet suitable for this.

As a supplement, however, it is vastly superior to the other programs (also as 2nd stage denoising for weddings).

But here i did RAW denoising.

ISO 10.000 EOS R3

TPAI 2.4.1

Pure RAW XD2 (40 / 10)

How to: see below

Screenshot 2024-03-18 180617

Now Processed with Capture One (both are edited the same way in C1) -

and i am not kidding or wanting to cheat

Again sharpened and denoised via TPAI 2.4.1 in Photoshop (as Plugin)
Full workflow: TPAI 2.4.1 → dng → Capture One → tiff 16bit → Photoshop → TPAI 2.4.1 Plugin

DxO Deep Prime XD2 (PureRAW 4) & Capture One Pro.

Added a curve