Topaz Photo AI v3.0.0


We’re excited to announce the release of Topaz Photo AI version 3.0.0 today. Photo AI’s creative potential has been unlocked in this version, allowing the creation of your own workflows for the first time with presets, flexible ordering of enhancements, panel docking & collapsing, enabling RAW color and lighting adjustments, and a standardized Topaz UI across all of our applications.

You can grab the latest download through the in-app updater, or by directly downloading it using the links below:

Released April 11th, 2024
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Here’s a breakdown of what to look for in this update:


Save your commonly used filter combinations into a single stack, including the filter settings and selections. Presets will then appear in the enhancement menu so that you can reuse your favorite settings and selections across any of your photos with a single click. This will speed up the process of editing large batches of hundreds or thousands of photos at a time. You can also delete old presets by hovering over them in the enhancement menu.

Docking & Collapsing

You can now dock the floating control panel on the right side of the viewport for easy access, or undock it and move it to where you need on top of your working preview area.

The right panel is also now collapsible, making more space for viewing your image while editing. For maximum space, try undocking the control panel while in collapsible mode.


You can now re-order and combine your enhancements in any order on the right panel, allowing you to more dynamically chain effects together. For example, you can now sharpen the entire image first before denoising the background and then sharpening again with just the subject. Changing the order of the filters will affect the way the output is processed, and this freedom will allow you to achieve results that otherwise were not possible within Photo AI.

RAW Balance Color & Adjust Lighting

On top of RAW Denoise, you are now able to adjust the color balance and lighting for RAW files inside Topaz Photo AI using our AI-based filters. This allows you to get the best quality possible out of your image straight from the camera and inside the application without having to make these adjustments in an external application even for RAW files.

Other Updates

On top of these exciting updates, both Face Recovery and Preserve Text can now be applied to the image multiple times, allowing you to control the strength of the effect on different subjects and areas of the image independently. We have also added other performance improvements and fixes under the hood. Take a look at the full changelog for more.

UI Refresh

Topaz Photo AI has been updated with a standardized Topaz UI framework, with new colors and icons coming to Topaz Labs apps for a unified, streamlined look.

What’s next

We much in store for Photo AI, including expansions to presets, editing and selection capabilities, improvements to the RAW workflow, more intelligent autopilot, even better sharpening, and more.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


Dakota Wixom
Product Manager, Topaz Labs


  • Refreshed user interface with Topaz UI style
  • Implemented drag and reorder enhancements
  • Implemented basic preset functionality
  • Implemented docking and undocking feature
  • Enabled Text Recovery to be added multiple times
  • Enabled Face Recovery to be added multiple times
  • Enabled Adjust lighting for RAW images
  • Enabled Balance color for RAW images
  • Fixed Adjust lighting crash on M3 with macOS 14.4 and above
  • Fixed switching models on Denoise not updating the preview
  • Fixed export output suffix not matching enhancements order
  • Added preference for RAW Adjust lighting strength
  • Added camera profile for Panasonic G9M2
  • Added noise profile for Sony ILCE-6700

Using Plugin Extras from LrC output is a TIFF not a DNG!!! When used as a standalone will be able to output as DNG. Is there something I can do to change the output to DNG? Am I missing something?
WIN10 Pro


Nice update, but I have to mention that the memory leak reported in 2.4.2 is still present when batch processing images:

Memory use before 1st batch:

After first batch (34 images):

After second batch (24 images):

Application performance starts to degrade noticeably after about 50 images.



I need help with TPAI 3.0

I have 52 TIFF images that I’ve exported from a short video clip. I want to import them to TPAI and use the “Adjust lighting” function on each image. The goal is to export each of these adjusted images to a folder that I can then use as input to TVAI to reassemble a video from the adjusted images. If I can get this to work, I will process the entire video in this manner so each frame gets the ‘Adjust lighting’ treatment.

TPAI processes a few images, then hangs.

Here’s my workflow:

1.Settings>autopilot>turn off “automatically apply filters”
2. Import 52 images
3. Check “select all” - the entire row of preview thumbnails indicates all are selected
4. Click “add enhancements”
5. Click “adjust lighting” - first thumbnail and preview image indicates the enhancement has been applied
6.Close the adjust lighting flyout by clicking the ‘X’ in its upper right corner
7. Click “export 52 images”
8. Confirm export destination folder, format (TIFF), compression (none), bit depth (8)
9. Click “save”


Image 000000: marked “Complete”
Image 000001: marked “Skipped: no edits applied”
Image 000002: marked “Skipped: no edits applied”
Image 000003: marked “Complete”
Image 000004: marked “Processing” (and hung here for 25 minutes so far)

All other images are marked as “Queued”.

Am I missing something in getting TPAI to apply one single enhancement to a small batch of images?


Many of us are happy with 2.3.2 and are uninterested in such features as lighting and color balance or stacking or ordering. We just want autopilot with an opportunity to tweak.

I am content sticking with version 2.3.2 but want assurances that the promised improvements to autopilot and sharpening will be enabled for that version.

If I am forced to upgrade to 3.0 or beyond in order to continue to get upgraded models, I will need to consider dumping Topaz and switch to DXO.

Can you assure us that the sharpening, denoising, and upscaling models will be updated regardless of the software version??


Why is the bar so wide? reduce the size


Thanks David! We’ll look


Thanks for the detailed steps Michael. We will look into this!

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Autopilot upgrades with opportunities to tweak and customize workflows is something we’ll be working on soon! Very excited about that one. The filter ordering creates a strong foundation for this and many other exciting ideas for the future.

Model updates and other feature upgrades will be released along with minor and major version updates to the app. If your license is still valid (within 1 year of purchase date) when those are released, you should have access to those versions.

Appreciate the feedback!


Thanks for the quick reply. But it really did not answer my question. I understand upgrades and other “enhancements” will be coming and that Topaz is very excited about that.

But, I am perfectly happy with 2.3.2. My question related to sharpening and denoising and upscaling models. As those are improved, will they be automatically applied to version 2.3.2? Or will I need to upgrade to the latest software version in order to have the most current models??


Denoise is still leaving large color blotchy artifacts that I reported earlier; This is easy to see on a very noisy image in smooth out of focus areas.

This works much better in Denoise AI.
When is this being planned to get fixed?


I am using an M1Pro. I kept looking to upgrade because, while Topaz 2.4.2 was sort of moving along, now it’s like lightning. Exporting goes zip instead of waiting for a long line to move. When using the the brushes to change the subject or modify it, I no longer have to make the photo really small first. It movers along nicely. Command-Z has been added for easy "un-do”.

I have to get used to the menu changes, but I am delighted about the serious speed increase. It is now optimized for the Apple neural engine ----finally.


BUG: selecting a preset is ADDING preset content to the adjustments that were already present on the image. This could be useful, but should not be a default behavior when deleting a preset.
By default, applying a preset must REPLACE all adjustments with those from the preset.

It may be worth preserving the current behavior but when a Shift modifier key is used.


BUG: I reported this many times - please fix the camera matrix for Nikon Z8 camera. Currently TPAI renders incorrect colors were is a a very strong color shift.


Nice update… Overall, it is MUCH better. This is the first one that truly shows off the new UI as an improvement. On my Mac, this one is faster and smoother. Autopilot also seems to be better at doing the right things to more images.

I have not tried batch processing, so the memory leak has not been tested here.

Unfortunately, in both .jpg and raw, Preserve Text had little or no effect.

More observations will be coming later, after more pictures have been tested.


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Text Recovery, in terms of its effectiveness, is still not nearly what it used to be when this was first introduced. The new version introduced in Gigapixel this week is slow but it actually works to make text look like text again.

Also, I’m not sure I understand what the new Desktop Icon design is all about.

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Forgot to give this info: MacBook Air M2, 24GB, 2TB, Ventura with all updates.

no new 2.4.x, so topaz left the broken version!
Very professional

My support contract has expired, I will not renew it now or ever

goodbye topaz you will never get my money again


In a direct comparison to 2.3.2, this version is just as quick, and Auto Pilot is as accurate. Except for text, the results are identical, for an image which did not the extra layers or selection capabilities of the version 3.0. This is a raw image, at fairly high ISO, after sunset in low-light conditions. This is excellent, because it means we get the advantages of multiple selections, presets, etc, without any loss of speed or quality for easier images.

It is on an M1 Mac, and no size change was done to the image.

The only place it falls short is text preservation…

Above is the original…

The text from 3.0 is slightly distorted, and Preserve Text makes absolutely no difference at all.

In 2.3.2, text preserved. It cannot be much better than original, but it is not degraded, weird or distracting from an overall image.



I just came here to report the same thing. I just tried a batch and it crashed after 64 images. It’s a shame a company care so little about releasing quality software. Topaz used to be good.