Topaz Photo AI v2.4.2

Ever since 2.4 I have been having the same issue. I start a batch and it slows to a crawl and crashes after around 100 raw photos. My computer is a brand new 17-14700 with 32 gb of ram and an AMD RX 6600 with 8 gb memory. Running Windows 11. All drivers and Windows are up to date. Version 2.3.2 flies when I use it. I even went so far to to try the not yet release 2.4.3…same thing.


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I’ve noticed this for a while on previous versions of Topaz. I found that Adjust Light and Balance colour create this affect when the Recovering Face option is used. The way I found around it was to load the picture and disable all AI (Upscale, Remove Noise, Recover Face etc) and just use the Adjust Lighting and Balance Colour first then save the picture and close it, then reopen it and then Upscale, Remove Noise etc whatever you need and it shouldn’t do it. I hope this helps you.

Regards Bob.

It takes ages to load anything (brushes, zoom, literally anything) with the update to a point that the app is unusable. I have a MBP M3Pro with 36GB RAM.

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If you search on Jay’s handle in the search bar then choose the “in this topic” option you’ll find their posts.

I have been using Topaz products for several years, and loved Sharpen AI and Denoise AI. The premise of Photo AI is ok, but the implementation is poor. Photo AI runs extremely slow on my system, especially compared with the standalone Sharpen AI and Denoise AI. I have a MacBook Pro with 2.4 GHz 8-core Intel Core i9 processor, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB graphics, as well as Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB, 32 GB 2667 MHZ DDR4 RAM, Mac OS 13.6.1.
Here are the relative times for processing only, not including opening the apps and previews, which Photo AI is also slow c/w the others. This was for a 20 megapixel RAW image from OM Systems OM-1 camera.
Photo AI from the File-Plug-in Extras menu - 2 minutes 41 seconds
Photo AI from the CTRL, process as TIF menu - 2 minutes 1 second
Denoise AI plus Sharpen AI - Total of 48 seconds
DxO Pure RAW 3 Denoise - 37 seconds, then Sharpen AI 23 seconds for a total of 1 minute.

For a 50 megapixel file, I stopped the processing after 8 minutes with the processing bar still only halfway done.

I would love to continue to use Topaz products, but at the current extremely slow processing speed, Photo AI is unusable for me.

I have deleted the .plist file several times, as suggested on another blog, and reinstalled the program, but no improvement

Any suggestions to make this product usable?

Elwood Stone

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Photo AI requires more resources than Sharpen AI or Denoise AI. I have Win10 22H2 with a Intel 13700K with 16 cores 5.3 GHz on P cores and 4.3 GHz on E cores, 3070 TI GPU and 32 GB ram. True fully the process speed between all these apps are about the same much much less than 1 minute. What do you have AI processor set to on Photo AI?

When using Photo AI as a plugin in Apple Photos on a portrait as opposed to landscape photo, when saving back to Photos I receive this error.
Unable to Save Changes for “Edit in Topaz Photo AI”

Saving in DNG format as that’s what Photo AI selects and can’t change.

I would downgrade as soon as something is at risk.

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The stone starts to roll.

Stock platforms with AI-generated images are superfluous if everyone can simply generate what they want.

The computing power required is gigantic and continues to increase, and with it the costs.

AI often only changes problems and doesn’t solve them; fixing them usually takes just as long as getting them right in the first place.

Due to the hype, companies are trying to jump on the hypetrain, whatever the cost, which is too much for many companies.

(Prices of AI accelerators did grow by 4x in the last 7 years).

(Why should be anyone on IG or FB able to generate their own images?)

As in the past, specialized companies come along and make others dependent on them.

It’s the handling of the AI that makes it intelligent, not the AI being intelligent.

AI is very complex, so complex that for the training preparation a precise knowledge of the problems to be solved must be available, because the AI also learns and executes existing errors ( inside the trainingdata) that have not been recognized before.

For me, an AI image generator is the artist, not the one who writes the prompt.

Basically, the artist has been told what to do.

And the programmer is the master of the AI, who taught it everything.

I’ve encountered this.
It happens it you run Topaz immediately after installation by ticking “Run Topaz” box in installer.
The installer runs with Administrator privileges, and therefore Topaz runs with heightened privileges as well.
You can’t drag and drop between Explorer or any other apps to “heightened” app.
It’s a Windows security measure, by design.
Therefore - don’t run Topaz from the installer, just close insteller and run Topaz normally.


How interesting. One of the best features of the product, “recover faces” - if I leave it out, the phenomenon doesn’t occur. Thanks Robert.


Glad to be of help.

Recover faces does not work correctly on cropped images

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I would like to address the preview size zoom levels. I always use 200% to make sure I’m not losing detail and to make sure my images aren’t oversharpened. Up until recently (2.3.x?), I was able to set it to 200% once per session, and all the images were viewed at 200% after the first one.

Now, not only does the UI reset to 100% for each photo, but when I go back to view a previous one where I set it to 200%, it too has been reset to 100%!

Could you add a simple setting in preferences for this?


The AI Processore was set to AUTO. When I set it to CPU, the time decreases to 1:36, and is !:47 with the AMD Radeon Graphics processor. Still very long c/w standalone apps or DxO Pure Raw 3 plus Topaz Sharpen AI. Any other suggestions?

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Photo AI requires more resources than Sharpen AI or Denoise AI. IMHO you are limited by your CPU/GPU

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Photoshop Elements Supports 3 so why not