Topaz Photo AI v2.1.2

somehow my 60% changes after few seconds to 15% no matter what I do. 15% upgrades I can buy throughout the year, no need for black Friday. Any idea how to get those 60% I got in the email?

Not sure, but see andrewlankester’s reply to someone from a day ago and see if it helps.

Also try a different browser to see if the website behaves differently.

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so is the upgrade price (1 year license extension) 129$, somehow I thought it would go below 100$ for Black Friday. Thanks for pointing me to that link though. Here I see 41% as the best option.

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Renewal for what?

Just PAI?

If so, it’s $74.

Am I the only one who noticed/finds it strange that there was no 2.1.3 or 2.2.0 release last week? Has there been any announcement that Topaz Labs changed their release cycle?

Most likely becasue of Thanksgiving Holidays, just like TVAI.

Hi Mike. Who knows what Topaz has planned for Gigapixel in the coming months, I know I don’t. And to be honest, I’m personally not expecting anything special from Topaz when Gigapixel finally gets updated.

I’m guessing it’s going to be fix Compatibility issues and possible Bug fixes.

Also I’m hoping Topaz add a couple of Topaz Photo AI features to Gigapixel for instance the ability to select individual faces and hopefully add the Preserve Text Tool.

And quite possibly add to Gigapixel a new Model or Two, as they did with version 6.3.3 because that version received an improved Standard Model and they added the High Quality HQ Model before adding them to Photo AI.

It’s a wait and see situation, Fingers Crossed :crossed_fingers:

Normally, I upgrade all during black Friday, but this time I am gonna have to pass.

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Thanks for the info, I’m in Europe, we don’t have that here.
They could have released on Friday, but I suppose they are stretched thin with people on holidays and taking a bridge day.

I thought those features are already in PAI.

Hi, please read it again I’m taking about adding Topaz Photo AI features to Gigapixel

Also I’m hoping Topaz add a couple of Topaz Photo AI features for instance the ability to select individual faces and hopefully add the Preserve Text Tool.

Hi, again I’ve edited to clarify it

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To whom it may concern: Official request, to Bring Back Sharpen V1 (along side the new V2) (votable)


Since the update to version 2.1.2 I got artefacts after denosing an sharpening. It will be seen in PhotoAI and also in the TIF after saving. It doesn’t make a difference if I work with PhotoAI as Standalone or 'I start is as a Plugin from Lightroom or Photoshop.

The artefacts appears on different parts of the image with each attempt.

Update: After the roleback to version PhotoAI 2.0.7 it works as it should. There are no artefacts.

Create as an new topic in bugs and issues forum:
Dark Artefacts on Sharpening in PhotoAI 2.1.x - Topaz Photo AI / Bugs and Issues - Topaz Community (

That makes more sense to me! Thx for the clarification. That would be a justification for those who own GAI to renew/update. No real justification to renew a product if no planned updates (and/or if. no longer supported and it no longer will install - like my old faves Glow, Texture, Studio1).


I would still only renew after an update is offered that I want. I would not “buy a promise”.
I’ve been happy with all of my Topaz AI purchases because they were all worth the money to me at the time I spent the money. Any improvements that came within the upgrade window were just a bonus to me.

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Smart move!

IMHO Gigapixel like Sharpen and Denoise will never be updated again, Their all being replaced by PAI

What is that for day thanks it is really unforgivable not to release a new version in time

Response from Topaz Labs (Justin Hedrick):

Topaz Photo AI was created to ultimately replace all of the individual applications you’ve listed but many of our users still prefer to have these applications for their own workflows, typically when integrating with Photoshop or Lightroom. Ultimately, it’s a personal preference.*

You are correct that DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI will no longer be receiving updates but Gigapixel AI will be in the coming months, with more information to be released soon.

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