Topaz Photo AI v2.0.0


We’re proud to release Topaz Photo AI 2.0! This is a massive release with many new models, including some entirely new enhancements, and many improvements to nearly every single part of the app! Read the following article for the highlights of the release, or check out the full changelog at the bottom of this post.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released September 7th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.5.4:

  • Added v2 of the Sharpen Standard model
  • Added v2 of the Remove Noise RAW models
    • Fixed tiling artifacts
  • Added Adjust Lighting enhancement
  • Added Balance Color enhancement
  • Added automate plugin for Photoshop, which allows for cropping and upscaling
    • Access the plugin within Photoshop by going to File > Automate > Topaz Photo AI
  • Added many new configuration options over how Autopilot works
  • Added new panel displaying the status of Autopilot
    • Hover over the status bar to review the completed steps
  • Updated design of the different panels of the app
  • Updated status bar and autopilot section to use less space
  • Updated design of sliders
  • Fixed right panel scroll position not resetting when switching images
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior regarding the enhancement being collapsed or not when toggling on by clicking the label (not the switch)
  • Fixed some Panasonic & Minolta images having incorrect orientation
  • Fixed some Sony images having incorrect orientation on export
  • Fixed some exported non-RAW files opening in Camera RAW
  • Fixed noise levels sometimes being “undefined” in Remove Noise tooltip
  • Fixed crash when detecting faces
  • Fixed Autopilot not enabling Remove Noise when it should
  • File size estimates are now cached
  • Improved performance when opening many images at once
  • Updated lensfun

Known Issues:

  • The Adjust Lighting and Balance Color enhancements may produce poor results when exporting as DNG

Thanks! Looking good so far :slight_smile:

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Used on a TIFF file I always test with from Affinity Photo and everything I did including the Lighting and Balance Color adjustments worked fine. Also, used with a RAW file and everything went great there. After processing RAW file and generating a JPG file I compared it to the one I had created with 1.5.4 and the Denoise in the 2.0.0 version was better than the 1.5.4 there was a small area that would blur and this did not happen with 2.0.0.

Using Mac mini M1 (2020), Monterey 12.6.8

Nice work.


Thanks Anthony, et. al.!

PAI 2.0 installed quickly, launched both Standalone (Win 11) & into my Ps 2023 UI as a Plugin.

I’m very excited about the scaling option addition to the Plugin! And, will get great use from that (including doing so with the ability to Preserve Text in the scaling process). Yay!

I ran a quick test image and the processing was brisk ( :+1:t3: :hearts: ). I also really like that ability to hover over the processing status bar to see what was run.

Given the modifs. I’ve re-aligned some of my Prefs (usually my 1st step after an install is to re-check them…). In line with Eric’s article, I’ll be one of the users who disables all the auto functionality and then uses aspects selectively.

Will be interested to see what I can achieve with the other, latest modifs to features too.

Thx again! :camera:


I have been waited eagerly for the color and brightness settings, Wonderful !!


Note that the installer does not remove the previous desktop icon on Windows 11, instead a new one is created.

Error running model with the Balance Color (Beta)

UPDATE: only happens when CPU only processing is used.


The fun begins! Very excited about the new options. I suppose there’s lots of room on the right panel to add several other options as wanted and needed…

Here’s my first fix from CR2 RAW:


The same happened to me at my first attempt when I turned on the “Balancing Color” option. On some images the whole applications crashed and disappeared. I put the images and the log files to the drop box.



Hi Don. Mine didn’t do that ( :crossed_fingers:t3: ) on my Win 11 PC. I saw the quick remove/replace of the commercial desktop icon as the installer ran. So I only have one PAI 2.0 icon on my desktop.

Sometimes when my download fails and I restart it the number of items downloaded changes. PhotoAI 2.0 started with 20 something and when I restarted I only get 11 segments. Am I getting the full program update?

It seems there is no real update to the Adjust Lighting/Color as color balance is still off:

Should be a result somewhat like this:

Maybe it is something to do with the Camera Profiles used.

As an aside can you decouple the Lighting and Color sliders from reprocessing all parameters when they are adjusted?

NOTE: Error with the model error for color balance reported earlier is connected to CPU only processing.


Seems that is connected to CPU processing, switch to Auto or GPU in the preferences to see if that helps.


the AI Processor was set to my GPU. I tested the other options now: CPU and Auto but still get the error message. Also when turning on the “Balance Color” option it turns off or negates/reverts the effect of the “Adjust Lightning” when it is turned on.

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Enlargement still handles hands poorly (distortion, extra fingers, damaged skin, etc.), and faces with ambiguous glasses/no glasses is still tripping up the AI.


A basic Levels dialog would be nice. I am finding myself hitting-or-missing poking with the Adjusting Lighting slider until it looks good. Using a 2017 Intel Mac right now, painful slow until I get back to my M2 Mini :wink:

Otherwise the grainy CR2’s are much improved, even on Auto.


Not working well with jpegs, previews are black or yellow/white tiles. The program eventually crashed before I attempted to save anything. I uploaded the log file to dropbox. After relaunching I am not seeing the same behavior

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still seems to crash sometimes on face detection

2023-09-07-20-59-22.tzlog (407.9 KB)

2023-09-07-21-01-25.tzlog (240.3 KB)


Please upload the logs to the Dropbox here for review:
Dropbox link

I reviewed the logs in the Dropbox and documented both the Balancing Color crash and a Face Recovery crash so we can work on a fix.

This is expected as models downloaded previously are kept when the install fails and the next installation will need to download fewer models. You are getting the full update with all the model files if you see installation successful at the end!


Thanks for the log, I see a crash with the Recover Original Detail model and documented that for my team. If you see any odd behavior again please let us know!

It looks like the NVIDIA graphics card is not using the correct model. I made a task for this so we can fix it.