Topaz Photo AI v1.3.6

Not for me. So far completely stable. W10, 32GB, P2000, Xeon latest updates.

have you autoupdate preview enabled ?
The crash occurs in mine when I have Model V2 (beta) is selected in Denoise and then I change the slider value for sharpening. I have autoupdate preview enabled, so it updates the preview whenever I change the sharpening value.

do you have autoupdate preview enabled ?
for me, the crash occurs when I have Model V2 (beta) selected in Denoise and then I change the slider value for sharpening. I have autoupdate preview enabled, so it updates the preview whenever I change the sharpening value.

I do not know where the auto update setting is, but the preview does update when I change settings. Still no crash here.

The sharpen filter makes no difference. Even if I only apply the “High Fidelity” filter alone, with any of its settings, the artifacts are still there. It’s just that on some images, the model is buggy. And so I have to use the standard to avoid the artifacts in question.

This is why Denoise and Sharpen are so much better than TP AI.
Image is what P AI thought was the subject.


Same thing for me I had crashes with raw and jpg files, serious issue because becoming tired to debug all versions

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You are sharpen two times and also with a subject detection.

So, you could move to the preferences and in the Autopilot tab you turn everything to none, to aoid a buildup of problems.

You use then enhance for enlaging with every setting the same, that means 10/10/10 or 5/5/5 you know.

You do sharpen with the Strong filter only at low settings like 5, 10, 15.

With denoise V2 normal / strong you can change how enhance will react to the whole enlaging process, you have to play around here or even deactivate it. (low settings are key here also).

If you not happy with the outcome of the noise, lower the settings of denoise v2 normal or Strong to very low levels an raise denoise of enhance to higher settings but dont move compression or sharpening of enhance.

If you see artifacts you can also raise remove compression.

I always use TPAI as written above.

This image had 24 mpx before, now its 54 Mpx

I use “DxO PureRaw 3”, TPAI and when required,
sharpen with frequency separation.
Here is just sharpen with FS applied to your image.

Use a stable version between 1.2.3 - 1.2.10 and you will be satisfied with the result.
I use version 1.2.10 and it has NEVER crashed for me.
Ok, it’s good to test a new version to see how it evolves and to give feedback, preferably on another computer.

This method does create a white border around details and so reduce the detail resolution by a lot, details do not seperate from each other any longer.

You did sharpen the bokeh too.

Yes, you are right, we need to pay close attention to how many pixels
we separate HF from LF layer, from experience we should barely see the image.

It is not always applicable (especially not to writing, geometry, buildings, etc.), that’s what I also specified.

For example, also on this site a sharpening on a portrait worked very well, the result was also appreciated by a tester.

“You did sharpen the bokeh too.”
I can easily separate the sharpen by making the contrast higher (for the HF layer)
only on a selected/marked area.

On the image on this topic, i applied sharpen differently, smaller in the right area
with the application properties, and a much larger on the left area with the butterfly.

TPAI is an exceptional application that promises even more!

You can sharpen an image very nice by enlarge it by 2x with TPAI and just drop it on the original in PS, this will increase the seperation of fine details also, you then don’t need to make a selection and or masking.

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Sounds interesting but I don’t quite understand your workflow. Could you elaborate?

He is right, we can use TPAI separately (not as a plugin) to enable 2x magnification
and with “Enhance Resolution” activated.
That is, a function similar to Gigapixel.

“you then don’t need to make a selection and or masking.”
Here he refers, most likely, to the fact that the masking is done by the autopilot.

I have the same problem especially on face recovery. Shuts the program down every time. Usually use denoise or sharpen or both instead…keep hoping though.

But it’s only when using the new denoise models that the software crashes after several recalculations of the image area when hovering over it. If I don’t use the new beta models, the software is perfectly stable.

Its part of the denoising and “enhancing” by the enlarging A.I. model.

You finish the colorediting in PS or any other software, for sharpen via enhance you enlarge your image and drop it above your original in PS.

Or if you dont use PS just make the image smaller, because of the new detail (that the A.I. model did build) you get a supersampled image with a higher resolution and more sharpness.

If the image is noisy you could denoise it in the enlarge process too.

I find it interesting that Autopilot does not apply noise reduction on images with lots of noise; ISO 18,000, 6400, 3200, and other high settings.

Yet, it will with images that have a low ISO of 250 and 800. This is based on some images I’ve been working on today.

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