Topaz Photo AI v0.2

We have a new update to Photo AI Early Access. It has a large amount of bug fixes, grayscale images support, and several model updates, and more!

If you own DeNoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel with up-to-date licenses then you have access to Photo AI. You will need to claim a Photo AI license by going to your account before you’ll be able to login.

Released July 14th, 2022
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

This is an early access release, so there will be some issues you may run across. Issue reports and general feedback are much appreciated. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it to us at this dropbox link. Below the changelog are a list of issues we’re already aware of.

Changes since 0.1.0:

  • Upscale renamed to “Enhance”, since it works at 1x
  • Enhance filter enabled ins PS plugin mode
  • Added support for new RAW image formats
  • Thumbnail loading is now asynchronous
  • Prevent Mac from throttling app when its in the background
  • Added support for loading and saving grayscale images (including via Photoshop!)
  • Installer prompts users to close PS/LrC before installing
  • Installer now has browse button for selecting model directory
  • Improved Top Level Auto logic
  • Navigator now zooms into the center of the selection, rather than the top left corner
  • Improved error handling when failing to load images
  • Improved logic for menu items being enabled or not
  • Sharpen strength now stops at 1 instead of 0
  • Mac installer uses hashes to only download models that need to be updated (Windows had this already)
  • Prefer OpenGL rendering backend over Direct3D11
  • Improved performance speeds when panning in side by side view
  • File size estimation now appears next to resize controls
  • Fixed preview showing wrong image when loading an image
  • Fixed lrtemplate file not being installed
  • Fixed pixelated navigator
  • Fixed navigator box sometimes going outside its boundaries
  • Fixed navigator box working incorrectly at small zoom levels
  • Fixed various issues with several models
  • Fixed display issues with different display scales or DPIs
  • Fixed “No filters active” display when clicking show original
  • Fixed issue with metadata sometimes being lost when using TPAI via lightroom
  • Fixed various issues with some filters’ controls not visually updating
  • Fixed issue with some hidden model parameters being set to 0 when they shouldn’t

Known Issues:

  • Denoise filter may introduce color shift on some images

Oh! There may be an extra special EA update next week :wink:


Strange conflicts with the OS, if I press PrtSC for the first time after opening an image, when using an external monitor ( Extend these Displays), and the focus is on the monitor it returns to the default screen:

The second time, it actually picks up the display of the actual image:

This doesn’t happen using the 1 default display and Extend these Displays.

I am in the process of downloading Photo AI v0.2. The download and install is a very long process, much longer than my other Topaz products. Will it always take this long for each subsequent update?

Finally got it downloaded and installed. Background: I have to process a range photo types, including my landscape work that may be printed at large sizes 40 X 60 inches. For this I use Gigapixel or Sharpen AI for the final polish. On the opposite end of the photo types, I also do graphic design for magazine style annual reports and I am regularly provided with very low quality images. These have very severe problems, either sharpness or resolution or noise or poor tonal scale (brightness and contrast), often all of these problems are present. My initial impression of Photo AI. I would not use it on my landscape work, but I could see it being very useful on the poor quality photos I am provided when doing the magazine style annual report graphic design work.

Two other impressions: 1. Photo AI seems to be a very close cousin to Gigapixel. It has noise, blur, face recovery controls like Gigapixel. When I am provided with poor quality images of people, I find gigapixel is a good first step, use a 1x scale and the face recovery and blur and noise controls. I processed a test image of blurry people that had adequate resolution using both Photo AI and Gigapixel (both at 1X scale) and got the same results. 2. I am not sure what the purpose of the Enhance slider is in Photo AI. Perhaps with more tests it will become obvious.

Any future tests, I will also do them in Gigapixel for comparison to see if I get a different and better result in Photo AI.

Bug: Enhance recalculates every time you click with the mouse into the image.

Space key does work right.



Color management does not work in the plugin. Windows.

I had always emphasized with Enhance (Gigapixel) that it is great for denoising images where Denoise, for example, always fails because it is assumed that the user only denoises images that really need it.

Denoise always deletes details, Enhance does not show this behavior.


PH-AI Denoise Manual

PH-AI Enhance – It has problems with the background here and there (can be fixed via. masking), but the details on the butterfly are great.

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  1. When opening a Sony ARW raw file that was taken in portrait orientation, Photo AI rotates it CCW 90 deg.
  2. THe Enhance function doesn’t do much to the RAW file and it would still require adjustment in another program (ex. Luminar NEO).
  3. When PAI is full screen I can’t get to the task bar in Windows 10, even using the Windows key.
  4. Sharpen and Denoise works well in Auto mode on a few RAW files I tried it on.
  5. There should be a Close image button on the panel.
  6. After closing an image, the Browse Images button doesn’t work until I click on the background of PAI.

Picture showing a Sony raw file (landscape ) showing Enhance is not doing enough.

Hi everybody,
I am working in the field of nature photography especially flying-bird photography. Here I have to use very short shutter speed with corresponding high ISO values and subsequent rather high noise. Usually there is not enough time for targeting the bird and the autofocus is not fast enough. So the pictures are more or less out of focus and suffer from motion blur. For shooting a flying swift I take several hundreds of pictures to get a good one by chance.
I try to use Topaz Photo AI as a culling tool. I hope to find this way the most promising RAW pictures which are worth for postprocessing in Lightroom and in the Topaz AI tools. For this I need batch processing with only the AUTO settings for the AI model and the parameters. My first attempt with 642 images results in a hang up of Topaz Photo AI after processing of 21 files. I use Win10 on a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X processor with 32 GB RAM and a GForce RTX 3070. Can You fix this bug soon?
Greetings from Germany

When I turn everything off (no filters active), the changes to the image stay. Sharpen with zero strength also has an effect. And I didn’t like what RAW Remove Noise did to this one. Windows 11, Sony ARW file.

The best way to test that is not with a RAW file, conversion of RAW images necessitates that pre-sharpening and noise reduction (minimal) is applied to the sensor data on conversion.

ALL RAW converters apply their own profiles to convert RAW images. They don’t come out looking like the JPEG generated in camera.

Are you saying the Topaz RAW convertor isn’t very good?

Nope just saying it is different to others as they are to each. I see that there is better detail in the sky with Photo AI and you can try using the Enhance function.

Also I shoot Sony, but only RAW, and have The DRO or Dynamic Range Optimizer turned off as it is designed to help jpegs files in high dynamic range scenes, but the side effects of having this on are a net negative for RAW images.

I also notice that you are using v0.1 and reporting in the v0.2 thread, please update from the download in the first post.

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It would be great if you could change the models of Enhance in the plugin.

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The version I like the most is the one from Capture One + LowLight + Sharpen.

“(The output of PHAI is not manageable right now.)” = The effort is too high for me.

Capture One (C1) = Original - Exif= 100 mm ( + magnifying lens), f11, ISO 1600, 1/2000 sec, 1DX III.

C1 + LowLight (70% Original Detail) (90% ready)

C1+LowLight + Sharpen (Current reference)

DxO (DeepPrime) + C1 (too much noise left for my requirements)

DxO (DeepPrime) + C1 + Sharpen Focus (oversharpened areas)

PH-AI-Denoise + C1 (The output of PHAI is not manageable right now.)
Best PH-AI result.

PH-AI-Denoise + Enhance + C1 (The output of PHAI is not manageable right now.)

PH-AI-Sharpen + C1 (The output of PHAI is not manageable right now.)

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Update #1


I have discovered artifacts caused by Sharpen.

What does artefact mean? The tiles are visible when sharpened and sometimes leave traces in the images, but the traces are very fine.

C1 + LowLight = Perfect

C1 + LowLight + Sharpen - Sharpen = In the image then also visible lines, here above the slightly blue line.

DxO + C1 + Sharpen - Focus = Visible tiles, not yet bad.

PH-AI - Denoise + C1 = Visible tiles, not yet bad.

PH-AI-Denoise + Enhance + C1 - Visible tiles, not yet bad.

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I have the same issue with tiles in PAI and Denoise AI as well. (Win 10, GTX 2060, newest Studio Drivers) Using .cr3 Files from my Canon EOS R5. Mostly using high ISO above 3200 and slightly underexposed.

We’re still looking into the long download times issue. Fortunately, between updates it should only download new or updated model files.

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Just received the email notification so I claimed and went to download it. It seems the download has been taken out? The link is my-account/downloads/ so it just reloads the page.

I’ve reported this to the devs and we don’t have a solution yet, but here is PAI release 0.2 on a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro on Ventura beta 3, exhibiting the graphics glitches again. Source image does not matter, it’s something to do with the hardware/OS combo and/or certain (not all) settings in PAI.

I don’t have records of settings other than what is shown in the screenshots, though Enhance>Natural seems to trigger it.

No other imaging app I’ve used on this computer does anything like this (ON1, PS, Nik, Luminar, Exposure, Jixipix, etc.).

Can anyone else with similar hardware/OS confirm?