Topaz Photo AI V.2.4.1 Enhancement Tools - User Personalization

I have enhancements that often use - favorites.
With V2.4.1 I now have to pull them down every time I launch Topaz AI and find this annoying.

Allow User Personalization of Enhancements in Topaz Photo AI.
Please add a small Tack icon in each Enhancement tool window to allow the user to “Pin” the Enhancement tool to the Enhancement column. Therefore a favorite enhancement tool will populate automatically every time Topaz Photo is opened.
The user will still be able to drag an opened Enhancement tool to a different location over the working photo.

I would also suggest allowing the User to drag a pinned Enhancement tool to a different location in the Enhancement column.

Thank You.

Thanks for the idea and suggestion about this workflow!

Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile: