Ive never left an actual complaint about a software update before but this is RIDICULOUS .

Topaz…Your new “update” literally made this software unusable . What took seconds can now take minutes to render and I have to CLICK ON EVERY GD DM*ED OPTION AND WAIT FOR EACH ONE TO LOAD SEPPARATELY!?..The previous layout was FINE. The second the app opens , EVERYTHING was clearly available in a neatly organized panel and it worked FAST and easy… You all overthought this and made it way more complicated than it needs to be and the speed and ease of use just dropped considerably…I rely on this software, it has pretty much alwasy been reliable and now its an absolute PAIN to work with… Fix this soon, this is out of line.

A loyal and PISSED customer.


It’s crashing a lot for me now when I have a really big image 10000+ pixels wide.


New Topaz Photo A.I. is the biggest loser the industry has seen yet, this beats On1 Image Upscaler 2022! This beats Luminar Neo Upscale 2021! This is like meeting Keith Richards, only in a total loser sense, you are like the Keith Richards of Losers in the Photosoftware Industry after this.

How is this possible to attain such a level of loserness?

Surely you test the software on a normal computer before releaseing it, right?

Can I have your autograph?


I agree this version is not usable. How do I get back to my last version?


Agree, this version is not improving the product. I’m wondering how this could be released.
I really appreciate the sense of “layer” to apply same enhacements with different settings to different areas of the image, but I would sacrifice this feature (rolling back to the previous version) just to get the results I used to get from Photo AI.


I don’t like the new layout, but now Topaz doesn’t work at all.


I agree with marcus_mattern. The interface is not user friendly and is a step backwards from the previous version. The workflow was much more efficient before. As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Please change the program back to the prior interface or at least give the user the option to use this!


Agreed! Thanks for totally EFFing up my work flow! Roll this update back or you will loose customers!


Rarely leave reviews but somehow this update was a major downgrade. Have enjoyed almost every update until this one. The AI Remove feature is horrible now. It pixelates everything adjusted. The rendering is taking forever and I have a RTX 4070 TI and an I9 processor. This new interface is not friendly. I honestly hate everything about this recent update. No complaints on this software until 2.4.0. I feel sorry for others using weaker hardware. Is it possible to downgrade back?


It was all straight forward AND QUICK with the various tools in a list on the right and all tools had their parameters on display. Now, in v 2.4.0, everything is hidden until it is opened one by one. It is BLOODY AWFUL.

What an awful, awful update. I did NOT pay for this. I hate it.

Please post a URL to the previous version so that I can uninstall this rubbish and reinstall something useful.


I do not like this version turn back to the old one or ill leave it alone , its terrible


If you would like to revert to any previous Topaz Photo AI version, you can find a list of previous installers at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Community Forums | Topaz Photo AI | Releases

We have updated our Topaz Labs Documentation page with some helpful information to help users familiarize themselves with the new workflow that I will link below.

Topaz Photo AI | Quick Start | App Basics

We appreciate any further feedback or comments about the current v2.4.0, and I would love to share them with our developers. This can give us more insight into what Topaz Photo AI is needed for and, ultimately, what direction we need to take to fulfill the needs of our users.


I agree- it takes forever now. The performance is horrendous. 2.4.0 is a big step backwards in terms of being practically useful. The UI improvements are great but it has to perform reasonably for it be a production-ready UX. It is not.


Just updated today. Really wish i’d read this before doing so. It’s terrible dosen’t seem to do anything anymore. Preview before and after look the same as each other and now i have to go fishing to change things. Previous version was much better.

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My experience is the exact opposite of these comments, this version, 2.4.0, runs much faster (100 mega pixel files) than the previous ones for me. And, I love the new interface with what is essentially layers for localized adjustments, I had to run the program multiple times in the past to work different locations to different effect. I hope you can fix the issues others are having without destroying what for me is the best version yet.


Even after reverting back to the previous build the App slows to a crawl, even when loading a single low resolution 1024x1024 photo. Its apparent they messed something up and its likely the A.I. model on top of the ridiculous new U.I… If this doesnt get fixed soon im looking into other options. I paid over $400 bucks on the Topaz Suite and now the main app I depended on is absolute crap. To be honest, theirs new A.I. Gen upscalers that charge $40 a month and produce a vastly superior upscaled image with the aided ability to reimagine the design or fix a long list of flaws…So if this is the new norm with Topaz…Why the hell bother?..I get mistakes happen but the lack of thought that went into the U.I. is pretty astonishing…Really disappointing.

I REALLY HATE THIS NEW LOOK.put it back like it was


Sheesh - tough crowd!! :roll_eyes::smile:

That said, I also highly dislike the “new workflow” update. I get it that you subdivide the tasks for so that if you make a small enhancement change it doesn’t have to upscale all over again. Your hearts were in the right place at least.

However; especially with challenging upscale jobs, I use all the tools together (a DOE of sorts) to hit that magic combination. The subtle effects of certain combinations (both enhance+upscale) are impossible to realize with the new tools which separate upscale from enhancement tasks.

I love the product and am sure you will sort this out. :+1::muscle:

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I totally agree. For me it is the most versatile version, with more possibilities for photographic improvement. It is true that I do not work massively in batches, that there are some bugs and that the friendliness of the user interface can be greatly improved, but I have no doubt that it is the way to go and I believe that the Topaz technical team will be able to solve all problems shortly.

Completely agree. This new version is shockingly bad and unusable. The text in my artwork, when upscaling, is terribly out of focus now and there’s nothing I can do about it. The interface is very confusing and unintuitive.

The first thing I did was go into the preferences to see if I could get the original interface, but no dice.

Please go back to the way it was! Wish I’d never installed the “upgrade.”

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