TOPAZ Photo AI introduced artifact to my image

Dark area of my landscape photo where trees are in a silhouette became bright red after the software performed Denoise and Sharpening.

I suspect this is one of our known issues. Can you upload a screenshot of the processed results?

Hi Tim,

Here is the photo that was processed with ToPaz Photo AI. I could not get rid of the red color on the silhouette of trees at the bottom of the frame.

I use Capture One 23 to process the Raw files of my photos. Before I export the image, the dark trees in the foreground were all red.

Please advise.


Actually, this doesn’t look like the artifact I was thinking of. Could you also upload the original image so I can run some tests on my end?

Please also send me your system profile information so I can check if your computer hardware is up to date. System Requirements | Topaz Photo AI



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](iCloud)Hi Tim,

Thank you for your response and attempt to find a solution to the issues that I’m experiencing with Topaz Photo AI. The original file of the image that I sent to you earlier is a Raw file (31.6 MB), and it may be too large to send. But I’ll try.

Here is the system profile of my MacBook Pro:


I look forward to any info that you can provide.


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31.6 MB

(Attachment PastedGraphic-1.tiff is missing)