Topaz Photo AI - DNG compression

finding it very hard to use the DNG format with Photo AI. The files are most of the time double to 4x the size of the original RAW files from my cameras. Some are 6mp vintage cams while others are modern Nikon Z 24mp.

Would love to have the ability to have more compression as some of the files after going to DNG are almost 100MB is size.

A original RAW file is a undeveloped black and white image, not a color image, and because of this its much much smaller, because black and white has no color information.

After you did open a raw file with a software and develope it in any way it will be bigger because the colors have been added to the final image (it does not matter if its a tiff or DNG).

Green Channel 2 of my image.

The color information is created by stacking and processing the black and white images together.

After saving, additional information is then available in the individual channels and therefore the images become larger.

Composite of all channels.

Green channel 2 without optimization, completely raw, the grid shows that the other channels are missing.

We are going from one raw format to another. I can accept the fact that there might be a difference in size between the 2 but not at what I’m seeing.

In Photo AI, I’m using compression enabled and it still is massive.

I shoot DNG format on a 24mp Pentax and the files are not the same size as what Photo AI is putting out.

I just don’t buy that they can’t do better on the size of the file.