Topaz Photo AI 3.0.1 not saving results

I am running Topaz Photo AI 3.0.1 on a Mac Mini Running Monterey 14 with Lightroom Classic. I did a complete reinstall of Topaz Photo AI 3.0.1 to see if it would solve the problem of Photo AI not saving it’s results. Everything had been working correctly before the update to Topaz.

Also, there is a Save after I select Export that was not in the previous, and the Photo AI window does not automatically close as in the past.

Of course this happened when I was editing an important project.


Having the same issue, super frustrating.

Let’s try updating you to the most recent version release to see if this resolves the issue.

Please make sure you’ve also turned off any firewall, VPN, or proxy that may be on your computer. These are known to block the installation. Also, make sure there are no settings or configurations in your OS system that could interfere.

Try using the link below to update:

If you are still experiencing problems, please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page