Topaz Mask AI v1.3.9

I ma having the worst time since Mask went to AI, Im just ready to go back to the old version. The auto detect seems to do a good job the when i need to do a clean up to add what it didnt grab or delete what i dont need using the brushes it is a complete waste of time. i use the sliders and its almost a complete waste of time. i havent used it in a few months since school got out and now they are back in and im going full for and im stuck. is there any way i can just get the old version back again. im on crunch time now for my schools

By the old version do you mean the legacy Remask? If so just go to your product page on the main Topaz site and download it - your licence number will be there too. If you mean an earlier version of Mask AI then just find the product release topic on here and download the version you want.

i got it, thank you…with the new one worked as good as they say it does. especially after spending the money on it:roll_eyes :roll_eyes:

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Every product has a 30 day no-cost trial.