Topaz Mask ai crashes almost immediately 1.3.9

The title really says it all. Whether opening from inside Photoshop CC latest, or from the desktop, Mask almost immediately closes.

You can submit a support request at

Does the same for me. No fix yet:frowning_face:

Does the same for me to… any solutions ?

No solution yet. Contacted support, updated video card driver. No success, still crashing on opening.

I see there have been problems like this at least since ver 1.3.6. What kind of solutions have you come up with??? We paid for this program and it’s an unusable time-waster.

Topaz products were promoted and sold as having free upgrades. Now we have new, improved products that are paid for and don’t perform.

For anyone looking to support’s response to their non-working program issue.

In my case, there seems to be a conflict between Mask AI and Wacom.

This is the response from support:

“you’ll need to unplug your Wacom tablet/mouse and use another standard mouse while using Mask AI. We have never had support for Wacom devices although some of our software versions may work with them. I wish I could have better news for you, but I’m afraid that our abilities are limited in this case as we don’t test with or support Wacom devices at this time.”

I would think Topaz would be ashamed to admit this. Wacom is a mainstream product used for photo retouching.

As a very long-time user of Topaz, I’m already disgusted by their business model. Topaz promised free updates for life. They went back on their word using the excuse that they needed income to keep improving their product. THIS is not my idea of improving a product.