Topaz Mask AI Challenge (Auto)

Download Image Do AutoDetect with each Picture. Make 1 Just Autodetect And Another Corrected.


Link To TIF With Layers For Complex Test.

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Can you post the not treated/original image as well for comparison?

You done test yet?:slight_smile:


Used the auto detection, but had to tune the “Edge Shift” to -1 and corrected the mask with some “Keep” and “Cut”. Still not happy with the result.:cat:

Also noticed that the background colors are not saving with the image at export to for example PNG.

When using the “Keep Brush” it disappears for a long time despite the fact that I have 16 gig internal memory in my Windows 10 laptop.

You test with each background?
You Download from my google drive link?

No it’s a TIFF of almost a gigabyte! When you post a normal image I will download it.

For Me Normal Tiff Normal JPEG looses information.The Large file is to test accuracy.
There are normal pictures above did you try pictures above the bottom one?