Topaz Labs Topaz Studio

Hi Folks, I have made some embarrassing posts (even for me) because I do not understand this website.
I don’t understand the difference between Topaz Labs and Topaz Studio.
Which led to

  1. my thinking I had lost my ability to update Impression because I couldn’t find the key (it’s a studio program I was looking under Labs)
  2. my thinking that Simplify was not working because it didn’t show up on the side panel of the Studio app. I didn’t realize it was a Studio Plugin.
    There is no real flow chart for your website. Some organization here would cut down on the number of tickets.
    Thank you for permitting my feed-back. I do enjoy your programs. - Barb
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You have nothing to worry about, there is nothing wrong with asking questions, and they may be helping other people learn too! :smile:


We agree with your sentiment here, and are actually working on something that will serve this exact purpose. :slight_smile:


Great! I’m glad the problem is known within Topazlabs. I was thinking myself just today that new customers must be completely confused by the two sites.