Topaz Labs confusing Advertising on Black Friday Sale

I got the email as I purchased Photo AI. I love this software, and I almost bought the new Video AI last week, but this morning I was shown an offer for the entire package for just $159.

I needed to cash my pay, so I waited and just twelve hours later it is showing me the same offer for $238.

I find this very deceptive, and shame on Topaz.
I used the chat on screen that “gets back to you in EIGHT DAYS” but who knows if the sale will be over by then, or if the price will keep going UP.

I have PROOF of this price as I texted the offer to a friend to show him in a screenshot.

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Okay, so I added it to my cart, and suddenly it is $159?

Topaz, are you okay? You know you very nearly lost a sale over this and created a really unhappy customer.

Happy story ending though.

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