Topaz Labs - Bundle 8 contents [RESOLVED]

I’ve send in three tickets now over the past week. I had one reply giving me my license code and the code is only working on some of the programs but not all. I’ve got it working in Adjust, Infocus and Denoise but none of the others it tells me the code in invalid and nobody is answering my tickets.

The only difference I’ve noticed is there is a name line in some of the other programs where the ones that accepted the license did not have this but its not saying my name is wrong its saying the code is invalid. Any ideas? Is there a phone number? They used to have great customer service, whats happened?

Maybe we can help. I looks like you bought a Adjustment Bundle Plugin Collection if you say that the Licence works with 3 products, can you say when you bought it and what products were in the bundle at the time you bought it?

When you purchase a bundle license it only includes those products available at the time you purchased and not all new products released in the future.

Thanks for your reply. I purchased what was then the Topaz Suite in 2010 and then later purchased B&W effects separately. I emailed support in 2013 as I was having trouble logging in and I was given a code. I then sent a ticket a week ago as I’ve changed computers, the first one disappeared but I had a reply to the second ticket which stated that I have Bundle 8 and was given a new code. I don’t know all the ones that are in that bundle but I do know I should be able to use B&W effects as I know I’ve purchased that, I have tried to run Lens Effects as well but it saying not valid, but I’m not sure if that is in the bundle or not.

Are you able to log in to your Topaz Labs account?

It sounds like you purchased the original plugins. If you can log in to your account you will be able to see the details of your purchases.

I can log in to the account but a few days ago none of the purchases were showing, maybe I bought them to long ago, not sure. When I did get one reply to my tickets they changed that and so now when I log in it shows bundle 8 and shows a license key. Nothing else about what is in bundle 8 is shown anywhere.

The Bundle 8 shows under the heading Purchased Plugins, is that right?
Next to that is probably your license code, and to the right of that is there a link to download?

I know this feels very complicated, but hang in there, it will be worth it. Topaz has changed their software model so things are a bit different than when you purchased. I am a user, like yourself, but have been where you are, and will help as far as I can :slight_smile:

Yes that’s correct

I’ve downloaded everything and they run fine but I can only get some to take the code others say its not valid

Are you running Topaz Studio? Some of the old plugins have been introduced to Studio, so they may have (Topaz) deactivated them.

No I’m still using the old ones, they all seem to run ok its just I can’t save anything because it won’t take the code

You should then have both Serials listed on your account. As for Bundle 8, download those products that you purchased separately run them and input the serial you were given. In the name field just enter your name, it is a required field but not dependent on a specific format.

They are not both listed on my account. Until I contacted customer service there was nothing listed, they then added it as bundle 8 whatever that is. They just listed the one serial number and perhaps I need a separate one for B&W effects, the old one I have isn’t working.

Back in 2010 when you made your initial purchase, you could purchase the plugins individually or as a bundle. Then, as Topaz added additional products, some were added to make a “complete collection” and others required separate serial numbers. Drove me crazy LOL.

Just re-read your initial post. You have Adjust, Infocus and Denoise working. Which ones have you tried your serial #s for that won’t work?

Here is some information from my archived notes that may help or hinder your quest LOL.

Topaz plugin products incuded: Adjust, Simplify, DeNoise, Detail, Clean, DeJPEG, ReMask, InFocus, Lens Effects, B&W Effects , Restyle , Star Effects, Clarity & PhotoFXLab. They later added Clarity, Impression, Glow & Texture Effects.

When I purchased in 2010 I purchased the Photoshop Bundle. My Bundle license worked for Adjust, Simplify, DeNoise, Detail, Clean, DeJPEG, ReMask, InFocus, Lens Effects, B&W Effects. Later I added Clarity and PhotoFXLab and received separate serial numbers for those. Summer of 2013 they stopped selling the bundle of 10 products and replaced it with a complete collection of 14-plug-ins, but then added Impression, Glow & Texture Effects with separate serial numbers. Drove me nuts!

While you are waiting for help, unfortunately unless you can find your purchase confirmation emails, I would suggest you try entering the new code you have for each of the classic plugins (that you haven’t already tried). If you enter a list here of those that don’t work we can try to help further.

I’ve just checked and I have Adjust, Denoise and Infocus and Clean working. What does not work is Lens Effects, B&W Effects, Restyle. Star effects is crashing when I open it and I haven’t tried the others as I didn’t intend to use them. I cant make any sense out of it.

Do you remember what actual plugins you had and used? … for example ReStyle would not have been in that Bundle and B&W Effects also came later.

Star Effects also wouldn’t have been there and if it is crashing you may need to check your PC for the latest updates.

No, I do not fully remember. I know I had Adjust and DeNoise and others and I remember buying B&W effects separately. It would have been the full bundle as of March 2010 and I purchased a couple others after that of which B&W effects was one. I know the original email addresses that were used if they would come back to me I’m sure it could be sorted.

I have sent a message to see if it can be resolved.

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Thank you for your help