Topaz JPEG to RAW AI 2.2.1 Bug

I send the attached file, but there are vertical stripes like rain.
I ran it several times, but I hope you improve this symptom.

Great picture. My experience with J2R is it doesn’t do much. If you have Gigapixel AI it will often remove Jpeg artifacts (except in portrait close ups). You can set the scale to 1.00 . My treatment would be Gigapixel > save as Tif Prophoto > open in Luminar 4 and process as desired > save as Jpeg.
I did that below which included cropping, orthon effect and some other settings. I think the writing on your first picture is Korean so I used that for a file name. Luminar 4 is made by Skylum.

I am having this same issue.

@Artisan-West - I will try your process, thank you for posting it.

Topaz… I fail to see why the J2R product exists if it can’t perform it’s basic function? I have a few photos that were mistakenly taken in JPEG Medium after a Firmware Update Reset my settings. I had given up on them, but was excited to see what your product could do. I just don’t understand these vertical lines.

Below are 400% crops - Auto, Manual with sliders full to right (1, 1)

Unable to Upload pictures, not sure why…

I am redoing after changing to CPU (from GPU) as per this article:

CPU just creates different lines from GPU and takes 10 minutes instead of 2-3!AtSulHuOPgwikNsRuhs8jLaojB8i8Q?e=yJcQsw

David, I think you have to have ten text posts before being allowed to upload a picture. To upload (if it will let you) use the up arrow icon. You might get a better response from Topaz by submitting a support ticket. However, I still think Gigapixel works best and they are now training it to do better with Jpg artifacts.


Thanks :slight_smile: Trying your Gigapixel flow now.