Topaz has slowed down - unusable

I downloaded studio and bought texture effects. Everything was working fine and all of a sudden it’s unusable. Everything is beyond slow, lagging, not responding. I have an intel ® HD graphics card, windows 10. I don’t think that one is on the “unusable” list? Not sure what to do.

Have you tried restarting the machine? Also, can you be more specific than “Intel HD Graphics”? There are dozens of different GPUs that report with that generic name. If you can provide the exact CPU model you have (e.g. Intel Core i7-4700HQ, etc.), then we can tell which GPU you have. Thanks!

Help-> Graphics Info will also give you the GPU details, just hit Copy and paste here.

HI…Home from work…restarting machine didn’t help.

Intel ® HD Graphics 2500

Open GL Driver is 3.3.0

If you look at the Unsupported Graphics Cards list under the minimum requirements, you can see Intel HD Graphics 2500 is not supported.

NOTE: If you are talking about a desktop computer you can always purchase a supported graphics card.

Yes, it’s a desktop, but it’s an all-in-one HP with no tower to open. I purchased Texture Effects and must have missed the warnings about my graphics card being unsupported. Is there some sort of external way to insert another graphics card? Or should I just request a refund for the software I purchased?

There are options but they do depend on the type of external USB connections you have and, because they do need external power, they can be quite expensive. There is an article on PC World here regarding attaching an external GPU to a laptop:

You may also want to talk to a technician as HP All-in-One’s are simply large laptops and it may have room on the motherboard for a GPU … I have one, a HP Pavilion Power Laptop, from about 8 years ago and have replaced many of the components in it. But … if it is new you will void the warranty.

The external option is pricey and not practical. Replacing the GPU just for this…well…not worth it. I think it’s best to give this one up. How do I request a refund?

Someone suggested I update my graphics driver. I said, the GPU is unsupported so what good would that do? He said because Topaz worked okay at first…what are your thoughts on that? I haven’t updated my driver yet…

I’m not sure if updating the driver will make a difference in operation. You can try.

You can raise a support request at the help page:

Hi, I’ve emailed support twice sine this post, requesting a refund. No one has emailed me back. Any suggestions?

Your order has been refunded and your request has been updated.