Topaz GPU benchmarking at DP Review

A small group at DPR is benchmarking the time to process a test image using primarily Topaz Sharpen AI.

The steps for testing are as follows:

  • Go here to retrieve the test image
  • Download the car console shot found under sample raw images, nikon_d850_24.nef
  • Open the file directly in the Topaz software. Make sure Allowed Graphics Memory Consumption is set to High if your video card will support it. You may need to close and reopen the software after making this change, I don’t have documentation on this.
  • Manually select the Stabilize Mode.
  • Manually set your Sharpness slider to 22 and Noise Suppression to 24 (I’ve found some variability with Auto settings)
  • Choose dng for output, source folder
  • Start the timer when you hit Save and stop it when the Processing indicator disappears.
  • Report the result along with system specs (CPU and GPU at a minimum).

Most of the results are for Sharpen AI although there has been at least one test using Denoise. The settings used for Denoise were as follows:

  • Remove Noise 20
  • Enhance Sharpness 20
  • Recover Original Detail 10
  • Color Noise Reduction 0.10

The page with the first tabulated results is here

Please contribute is you wish, the more results the better.

Your link to the results page is for Nvidia GPU using Denoise. You asked for sharpen AI and no mention of the GPU brand. This must be the wrong page.

It’s the right page. The thread referenced started out as a general discussion of GPU performance in Topaz apps. Even though Denoise is referenced in the thread title, Sharpen soon entered the conversation and the benchmarking is designed for either app with settings given to be entered manually. It just so happens that almost all of the participants (except one or two) used Sharpen for their testing and so the Sharpen results were placed in table form for reference. There isn’t enough Denoise data to bother with yet.

With regard to GPU brand, every card tested was listed by name (but not vendor name, e.g. EVGA) and model number so I’m not sure what you mean by this. So far, it’s an all Nvidia show, no AMD/Radeon owners have replied—maybe because Nvidia was mentioned in the thread title, but I’m sure results from the other camp would be welcome.

I find very little sharpen replies but I posted my results for my Sapphire Radeon RX5600XT GPU. I used Sharpen and Denoise and the Nikon 850_24 original file. In both cases I saved as a DNG file.
My results were 1:55 (clock) 1:51 Sharpen app timer. Used your settings.
0:31 (clock) 0:27 Denoise app timer. Used auto and Denoise mode