Topaz Gigapixel - some TIF unable to be opened

There are a couple of Tif files that when I open it in Topaz Gigapixel, it displays only a portion of the image. In the latest case, I had done a sky replacement in another application via photoshop then saved the image back to Lightroom. When the image is opened directly into Gigapixel, the image appears “ mask like” in that the sky is visible but the rest is white. It looks perfectly normal in LR and PS. Any ideas why this happens?

Make sure that the image you open is a flattened version as GigaPixel cannot enlarge images with layers.

Yes, I did that as well. I went back into photoshop and flattened the layers, saved back to Lightroom , then opened in Gigapixel with the same result.

If you can upload the file to a Sharing site like google docs, dropbox or onedrive and send me a link by clicking on my Icon and selecting the message button and I can have a look for you. Otherwise you can raise a support request at the main web site.

Try this link to dropbox file.

You need to copy the public link for the file. I can’t open your link.

Hi, you will need to share it so just make a public link and send it to me in an email if you don’t want to post it here.

I don’t see your e-mail address. It just directs to this forum.