Topaz Gigapixel Does not open in Photoshop

I upgraded my version of Topaz Gigapixel to the latest version but on opening Photoshop 2024 on my Windows desktop and accessing the app through File > Automate, it does not open. It will create a new gigapixel layer but just does not launch the Gigapixel UI!? I’m running an up to date Windows with all GPU drivers up to date too. Any ideas?

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Same here. Would be nice to know if the folder was changed for the plug in for Photoshop 2024.

This seems to work (it was for 2023, but works for 2024 as well). Gigapixel doesn't open as a plugin in Photoshop - #6 by modean987

I have the same problem. W10, Gigapixel, and Photoshop all freshly updated today.