Topaz Detail/Adjust with Panasonic TZ90

Hi Guys - Has anyone here using Panasonic TZ 90 = RW2 (RAW)

I have been shooting RAW for years, but since downsizing my cameras to Panasonic TZ90 due to health problems, as my DSLR’s were getting to heavy to carry.
Since purchasing Panasonic TZ90, this is problem I have encountered when I take the image into Topaz Labs/Studio.

Over the last 10 days, I have encountered this problem.
Start off by using the sliders in Lightroom on my AR2 (Panasonic RAW Image).
Then Export the image into Adobe PhotoShop.
Then I immediately bring the image into Topaz Labs Detail Then Into Adjust, for years now, these two plugins have given me the perfect look that I want, while processing 1000’s of images from each shoot on my travels.
What has been happening over the last 10 days, is once the images are getting into Detail, “The Noise & Grain Are Terrible”
The Images Have A ISO Of 80 (Low ISO).
I Am Using Windows 10, 2TB Hard Drive, For Storage, 128gb SSD For Programes, 8gb Memory.
Many Thanks
John Robert McNally
Wednesday 30/May - 2018 @ 07:50 am.

I have two Panasonic cameras both of which use RW2 as their raw format. I’ve not had any noticable problems but I’ll check.


Many Thanks For Your Quick Reply, Will Be Doing Another Shoot Tomorrow, See If Any Improvement.

I Only Hope I Have The Menu Set Up Right.

Cheers John Mac.

Please note that the RAW image is passed to Photoshop from Lightroom so your issue might be there. Detail or Adjust do not work on RAW files.

You may want to check the Noise Reduction/Sharpening settings in Lightroom.

If you feel that it is a issue with the image after rendered in Photoshop, upload a problem RAW image to a site like DropBox where someone can take a look at it.

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Cheers For Your Quick Reply, I was on to Adobe through online chat for one and half hours last Thursday, the image that passed from Lightroom to Photoshop was ok.

But I now am thinking, have I had something turned on in my TZ90 menu that I should not have.

John Mac.

@JohnMac2014UK I also have a couple of the new smaller Panasonic cameras and am not experiencing the issues you report. Windows here as well.

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Cheers Linda - Many thanks for your reply. - I was a just wondering if there is any Sharpening Menu in the TZ90 that I may have turned on by mistake, which may of over sharpened the image. Because I never have that problem from my 5 year old TZ40, but I only shoot JPEG on that one. Are you aware of any Sharpening Menu hid away in the TZ90.

I am out on a countryside walking shoot today, I will be shooting JPEG + RAW – I have changed a couple of menu settings on my TZ90, see if that helps.

I borrow my friends Canon 7D, shot RAW & JPEG – processed the LR + AP – Then into Topaz 100% no problem
Ran one of my old Nikon D7000 & D5300 RAW files through LR + AP – Then Into Topaz 100% no problem.
I now tend to think, there may be a sharpening menu in my TZ90 which I have turned on, and this may of caused over sharpening of the image file, thus creating a Grainy/Noisy Image.

As when I use my 5 year old TZ40 shooting JPEG, the images are perfect.

Not that I am aware of. Why not do a settings reset? Maybe your ISO setting inadvertently changed…What mode do you shoot in? I use bracketed aperture priority and shoot raw.

Have you tried opening directly in Topaz Studio and applying plugins from there?

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Hi Linda -
ISO = 200.
Aperture Priority.

The images last week, had a ISO of 80.

John Mac.

Wow. I’m out of ideas! Hope you resolve the issue soon John.

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I will be looking at some RAW images I took yesterday, later on today Linda.

John Mac.

Hi Linda + Everyone - I may be speaking prematurely, “But” - Just processed my first image from my shoot yesterday = A cyclist coming down a country cycleway, beautiful blue sky, plenty of white clouds, plenty of greenery & yellow gauze bushes & white hawthorne bushes. “Image Looks OK” - Looks OK Now IN PS View = “Fit On Screen”.
Strange in Topaz adjust main image panel looks OK, but in top right preview panel looks Very Grainy & Noisey.

John Mac.

If you are talking about the Loupe panel that is because it is at 200%

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Cheers Don - Have done more images, things looking OK - Many Thanks For Your Input.

John I am traveling but have my zs70 which I believe is the US equivalent of your 90. Internet is not good on the ship but will test again when I can. Would be interesting to send you one of my raw files to see if your workflow processes differently.

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Cheers Linda - Although I Think Problem Is Solved, It Would Be Interesting To Try One Of Your Images.
“Try To Get Lots Of Sky In The Image As Well As Foreground”

John Mac.

OK John, will take it out with me later today. Curious…what do you think the problem was?

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Hi Linda - Cheers - I did move a couple of menu settings around, but not much to make that difference.
I will try to find out through trial and error.
You know i had Nikon DSLR’s for years, but due to sheer weight of my camera equipment and hip replacement and knewe problems I had to down size.
So my first camera is a Sony A6000, which is great, and i bought the Panasonic TZ90, which is a very good compact camera (Just A Few Problems With My Photos, But As Yet, I Don’t Know The Cause).
I have had a Panasonic TZ40 since 2013, brilliant images (JPEG Only - No RAW).
There is not much help on TZ90 on internet, something to explain the menus and to give recommended settings.
But I Will Get There.
So 3 Weeks Today I Will Be Traveling To The Baltic Capitols For 2 Weeks, So I Need To Know More About My TZ90, & Of Course My Sony A6000, So I Get Best Possible Results.
My Good Friend Here In The UK Ray Billclif Is A Brilliant Nature & Landscape Photographer, From Up Here In The North East Of The UK.
He Has Used The Sony A6000 Since It Came Out (And Sony Series Of Cameras For Years)
So I Get Hand On For Sony A6000 From My Friend.

John Robert McNally = (John Mac)

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