Topaz Denoise Ai Having With Cat Fur Even in Photo Shop

When. This Imaage Original Tiff:

When Denoise Remove Noise And Enhance Sharpness Set max This is the Result.

Even in PhotoShop.


That is a serious color shift! There is a definite orangey red cast to the original image you’ve posted. But the DeNoise program pumped it up on steroids and took it too far. It seems to not just be compensating for denoising by elevating image details but also pumping colors/hues.

What happens if you pull the lower (denoised) image into Ps (or even Topaz Studio 2 - HSL Color Tuning?) and reduce some of the Red/Orange saturation?

Does it go back to the overall color hues of the upper original image, just w/out the noise?

Decided to give it a go myself: I did a screen snip of the lower image from this post.

I think I ended up with a result truer to the top image’s overall color by adjusting the lower (post-DeNoise) image in Ps CC with a Reds only Hue/Saturation adjustment, than what I got using Topaz Studio 2 HSL Color Tuning (working primarily with the oranges but also a bit of the reds - trouble was the reds stripped out the color in the carrot next to the bunny… it would have involved more masking than the straight Ps adjustment & the Topaz Studio 2 sliders didn’t go far enough left to get me where I wanted to be to return the image to normal color).

Neither saturation adjusted experiment took me to where the original image above was…

See attachments

Bottom (DeNoised) Image - Using Ps CC 2019 Hue/Saturation Layer Adjustment to recover top image colorway: - This looks too cold to me…and stripped color out of carrot.

Bottom (DeNoised) Image - Using Topaz Studio 2 HSL Color Tuning Adjustments (mostly red & orange, no masking): - This is still too orangey red

Here’s one last test …

Again, using the bottom image of yours as my “original”.

I pulled back into Ps CC 2019 - reduced the saturation of just the Reds & did a bit of a lighten on the Reds in the Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer. Then added a small black mask on the carrots and the patterns on the sheet that were reds (so they didn’t get desaturated). It’s a lot of work to return to true color from a DeNoise…

Here’s the result of the steps noted just above:

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