Topaz Denoise AI Finished Image Folder?

Hi, quick question. I want to use Topaz Denoise AI in the stand alone mode but when it has finished processing the image and I click OK I don’t get the option of a destination or save format it just closes down.
I have and still use Lightroom and that is my normal workflow (Lightroom to Denoise AI) but I am dragging the image/s to the desk top icon from the folder that I transferred images to from the SD card so bypassing Lightroom to keep them as RAW images. Windows 10 OS. Thank You, Russ.

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If you drag an image onto the desktop icon then all the AI apps open in plug-in mode which means that when you click OK the original will be overwritten - except in the case of raw files when nothing at all will happen. You need to open the app and then either drag images(s) into the app or go to File>Open.

Many Thanks for that. Russ.