Topaz DeNoise AI Default Settings

Hi, I’ve done searches but not found any real answers. I have had Topaz DeNoise AI v3.7.2 for some time now and love it. However, I changed some settings awhile back, not realising it wouldn’t go back to what the original settings were next time I use it, and I cannot find out what they are anywhere. Here’s a sample of what I have. Is anyone able to tell me what they should be for each section please, i.e. Standard (the one I use most), Clear, Low Light, Severe Noise and RAW. I’d be most appreciative.

What you see here is what I have for Standard currently.

There is NO default for each section, it depends on the noise level in each image and that is applied after Autopilot determines what it should be for that image.

That surprises me - I really did think there was a default.

Noise removal is governed by the level of noise found in the image.

The weird thing is the numbers are always the same - I would expect them to change for various images as I use different settings or cameras. So what you say does seem strange to me.