Topaz Denoise AI Crashes on M1 Max

Hi there,

I use Denoise AI as a Photoshop plugin on an M1 Max, and more often than not it crashes after trying to apply the denoise.

It appears to finish, but then Photoshop hangs with the popup “You are invoking a Topaz plugin. To return to the host editor, complete or terminate the plugin.”

The only way I can start using photoshop again is to force-quit photoshop.

Anybody else have this issue, or know a workaround?


Maybe a stupid question, so don’t flame me if you think it is, but are you using the latest M1 native version of DNAI, 3.6.1? And of PS of course.
BTW, I don’t use PS, but the PS plugin has been working fine with On1 PR 2022. Not that that necessarily means anything. I am not sure if there are any other M1 users who contribute to the DNAI forums, so you might need to raise this with Topaz Support.

I am using 3.6.1 DNAI (ARM 64 support) and the M1 native version of Photoshop.

I see you are a beta tester, so did you mention this during the testing of 3.6? If not, I guess you need to report it, as it should be working.

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