Topaz Denoise AI can't read DNG files from Photoshop

Bug report is in the title. The error is that the image is too small and must be at least 256x256.
Obviously it is.
I’ve tried different older DNG compatibility versions ACR allows me to save to no avail.

Also, I don’t use my 750D anymore but my old raw files won’t open in Denoise AI either.



RAW images, although they will open, are still not officially supported in DeNoise AI.

Note: DNG is a RAW file.

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Ok since my 7D mark II CR2s (I know DNG is a raw file it was just to differentiate from the camera native raws) I thought it supported them “officially”. But apparently it’s more complex than that, since my very same 7D mark II CR2s saved on my compact flash card are opening just fine and those from the 2nd slot SD card aren’t. Weird.

That is weird, doesn’t happen like that on my 5D Mk 3 or the 5DsR and my recent HP Pavilion … have you tried copying the files to your disk first and opening from there. Card readers are unreliable because of data transfer speeds.

I always copy my files on the computer first. I low level formated the card I’ll see next time if it was maybe corrupted or anything (although the raw files from it always opened fine in other software).

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These dng files and saving of files is giving me issues. Sometimes it saves the Raw files into large dng files. Other times it just saves them as small 302kg sized files which no program will open. How do you save your file files after Denoising them? Format etc. And any idea why some files are saved as very small dng files. Thank you