Topaz Cat Challenge From New Mexico

Correct the Image :slight_smile:

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Developed in Affinity Photo, then used Denoise AI > AI Clear high, then Sharpen AI stabilize and finally back to Affinity Photo for final touch up (painting cat’s eyes, white balance and blurring wall).


You like the cat ?

Cats ok, it was a good challenge and test of software and skills.

PhotoShop From Raw Exp +5 Camera Raw,Max Denoise,Max Clear,Max Stabilize,Max Sharpen,Auto HDR in Adjust.

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I Crashed Adjust in Affinity.

You did an excellent job on the photo recovery. However, a RAW file has much more dynamic range than the jpeg that was posted at the top, which allows a much better outcome.

Link to Raw Photo:

Using your RAW file I got a bit better results than my first try.