Topaz black friday upgrade deal

I owned the ultimate bundle purchased last year during the 2022 black friday sales.

The ultimate bundle comprises of :
Video AI 4
Photo AI 2
Gigapixel AI
DeNoise AI
Sharpen AI

Here is the confusing part, if i was to purchase the upgrade for all software in the ultimate bundle in 2023 black friday, i can only purchase it individually :
Video AI 4 ($129)
Photo AI 2 ($74)
Gigapixel AI ($49)
DeNoise AI ($49)
Sharpen AI ($49)

which add up to $350. This price is more than the ultimate bundle price of $299 for 2023 black friday sales.

I would like to ask why am I unable to just purchase the black friday ultimate bundle again instead which comes with 1 year upgrade with the same account?

Also I realised that there had been no update to Gigapixel AI,
DeNoise AI, and Sharpen AI for a long period of time. Is it intended as the development focus seem to be shifting towards Photo AI? If so perhaps my best upgrade option would just be for 2 software:
Video AI 4 ($129)
Photo AI 2 ($74)

which adds up to $203.

Kindly advise. Thank you.

You need to ask support, this is a user to user forum and we cannot answer you question about the deals offered.

You can raise he support request at the main website.

This is something Topaz should be making very clear with us users as there seems to be much confusion about this.

Yes. The Topaz team is no longer going to develop DeNoise, or Sharpen.

That is wrong, you’re only right about 2 of the products … DO NOT post things that make it seem you know what you are saying … as you don’t know don’t post.

Okay, so it’s just DeNoise and Sharpen that are discontinued?