Topaz asking for activation

I have had Topaz for over a year now and purchased the continuation for updates this last Blk Friday. Suddenly this morning, Topaz Photo AI is asking me to activate my software that was already working. I clicked Activate and it is reactivated again (I guess). Now I am confused. Is this a glitch?

Also, I though I was re-purchasing the ability to only get new updates each year, but that the software would still work (just no updates will continue). Is this not correct?
Using version 2.2.1

Yes you can continue to use your current products. I used DeNoise for some years without any updates. Only updated recently because of a cheap bundle deal.

OK thanks.
I was concerned because when the pop up happened, I couldn’t do anything until it activated again. IDK why it did that suddenly. Made me wonder if the sub did expire, would that happen again and prevent me from using it.

Not a glitch as it says it is reactivating the software, checking the activation.

Your product won’t expire unless you don’t have access to the version you are using where it will be in test mode.