Topaz and non-Adobe editors

I have been testing Topaz Studio 2 and several of the AI apps as plugins for non-Adobe editors. Here are my findings on macOS Catalina (version 10.15.3):

  1. Affinity Photo 1.8.3 Beta — TS2, Adjust AI, DeNoise AI, Mask AI and Sharpen AI all run very smoothly. Plugin setup in Affinity Photo can be a PITA, so be sure to follow the directions on the Topaz Labs website. For workflow, you have a choice of running the AI plugins in AP or starting TS2 then running the AIs and finally returning to AP.

  2. PhotoLine 22 — TS2, Adjust AI, DeNoise AI, Mask AI and Sharpen AI all run correctly. Same workflow option as above.

  3. Luminar 4 — TS2, Adjust AI, DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI run normally. Mask AI, however, asks for a duplicate layer and closes. Making a duplicate layer and again opening the plugin produces the same result. A workaround is to open TS2 in Luminar, and use Mask AI from there.

After opening and closing the four AI apps numerous times, I noticed a couple of minor inconsistencies:

  1. Running as plugins, Adjust AI and Mask AI have “Cancel” buttons in the lower right of the window. Neither DeNoise AI nor Sharpen AI has this cancel option.

  2. Running as plugins, Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI can be closed with CMD+Q. Adjust AI and Mask AI cannot be terminated this way.

Should all four apps be consistent in this operational behavior?