Topaz AI Remix and other Neural Art

The AI Remix preset used to soften the processing was Neon Rise (high) in a 70% Luminosity Blend. The original photo was stabilised using an 80% Stabilisation in AI Sharpen. Then uploaded to and the Para Painting preset was used.

This resulted in a photo with longside +/- 750 pixels. I used Gigapixel in two stages - stage one a 600% upscale - and stage two a 300% upscale of the 600% version, resulting in an 8802x13230 pixel photo.

Upscaling like this causes artefacts like the ‘jaggies’, so I smoothed them away by using an Oil Paint filter in Photoshop. The final application was of AI Remix Neon Rise (high) in Luminosity Blend Mode. Don’t forget to mask away the ‘black gash’ artefacts which can crop up when using Neon Rise!

Many sites do not encourage upscaled artwork; but I find the application of the Oil Paint (other presets in Impression can be successful) followed by the Neon Rise in Luminosity mostly rids the upscaled work of the ‘jaggies’!

Peach Cosplayer Venice Carnival” © Jack Torcello

If you enjoy Neurally Trained art apps (AI Remix, Deep Dream, Dreamscope, Pikazo, etc) you might like to join this flickr group

Flickr: The Neural Style Art Pool